Help To Keep My Daughter a Girl

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Help To Keep My Daughter a Girl

...a cry for help from a father!

My older daughter, around age 6, during a beauty pageant, said, “I don’t like wearing a dress.

Her mother, upon hearing that, told her that girls grow floppy breasts and bleed a lot from the

vagina and that she would not like that. 

She said she would cut her breasts off to go along with mommy. With that, my ex-wife decided to go all out in an effort to transgender our daughter into a boy. To her, this was great, she could brag about having a transgender kid.

My story, as told through the eyes of my mother: “The heartbreak that was felt when my ‘most

photogenic’ precious granddaughter told me she didn’t want to be a woman because she didn’t

want breasts, or to bleed every month is something that is hard to describe.

How could a child at age eight know any of these things? Everything she told me was while

she was sitting on her mother’s lap, so I knew immediately the child would be groomed by her

mother. Three years later, that is a fact.” 


Our daughter is now 11. I am determined that starting puberty blockers at age 11 will not

happen. My daughter is very confused as she is being pulled in all directions. Although she

does like to dress in tom-boy clothing, everything else about her shouts ‘girl’.

My ex-wife is relentless in her quest. We are divorcing, now separated, and petitioning one another, in court, for sole custody. I will go to the ends of the Earth to keep my daughter from

being filled with puberty-blocking drugs and chemically castrated.

I have a great relationship with both of my girls and spend considerable time with them. I do

most things with and for them that most stay-at-home parents would do. Their mother is lazy,

all about herself, and consumed with having a transgender kid. 


My ex-wife is attempting to turn our daughter against me, making me the villain who won’t let

her be injected with unsafe, non-FDA-approved puberty blockers


At age 11, my daughter does not even have a partial grasp of what would lie ahead for her in

a transgender process or being wrongly transgendered to a boy. Her mother has used the

transgender angle to win photo shoots for my daughter, as this makes her unique from other

kids and more in demand. 


While I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me, each day is more brutal than the day before.

Although my ex-wife feels she has her bipolar condition under control, her hostility speaks



I will do anything to see my daughter be allowed to go through natural puberty and only

then make an informed, mature decision later in life IF she so chooses.


I continue to work closely with my lawyer and medical experts to testify on my behalf,

untangle this mess, and free my daughter from madness. I pray this will happen. 


So, are you with me in this fight? If yes then kindly step forward and donate as much as you

can. Every penny counts. Help me to let my child live a beautiful and healthy life!

Thank You!

#SaveMyDaughter #LetKidsBeKids #TranCult #KeepMyDaughterAGirl


Featured on Steve Bannon's Warroom
October 6, 2022
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Here is the story that was told on Steve Bannon's show:

Battleground EP 151: New York Hospital Plans To Transition 11 Year Old Against Their Fathers Will (

#SaveMyDaughter #LetKidsBeKids #TranCult #KeepMyDaughterAGirl

The media is now reporting our story!
October 4, 2022
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