Survivor of Domestic Violence Fights For Justice

Hello Everyone,
 I am posting a fundraiser for my sister-in-law,Kimberly. She served in the United States Army and after a couple of Deployments she has since been medically retired. She has suffered many battles throughout her life, but has always pushed through. After adjusting back into civilian life she had eventually settled down with her two young boys. Eventually, she thought she had found the love of her life and they decided to get married. What she thought was going to be a wonderful marriage ended up being a nightmare. For the first time ever getting married she thought her life would actually be what she had imagined. He moved her to a state where he was from and she knew no one. Throughout the course of her marriage she was severely abused emotionally, physically, and mentally behind closed doors. She was able to escape, but almost lost her life doing so. She has been going through motions trial, but finally able to go to trial where her voice will be heard. The hardship is that she has had to travel across the U.S. to go to these motion hearings and trial which has put a financial strain in her life. Victims Advocate helps very minimal to the point they only pay for the gas. Every-time that she has to travel she either has to bring her children or find a babysitter. They don’t include the costs for childcare, hotel stays, food and etc... that comes with it all. The trial is supposed to be a week this time where she will be there for a week. She only has one income and is unable to work due to the stipulations of her retirement, doesn’t receive child support (it has been enforced, but nothing), has reached out for other means of help, but of course it doesn’t work in her favor. Her trial is coming next month and she is very nervous how she is going to make it. Many Victims of Domestic Violence don’t get the help they need to fight and with that usually give up, but my sister-in-law doesn’t want anyone else to go through with what she went through. She has proven that she is a Fighter and a Survivor. I am asking if we can pay it forward and help with what we can even if it is a dollar. She has been through so many trials in her life that I want her to know that she is loved and not alone. Please whatever you can or willing to donate for my sister and her family will be a blessing. Thank you all and God Bless. I have been asked about other ways to send money so here is some other apps that she does have:

Venmo: @Kimberly-McClintock-3

PayPal: @KimberlyMcC07

CashApp: $kmcclintoxk