I am currently trying to get my health back in order , I have epilepsy, anxiety, ADD, and depression. I currently can’t even get all my medication. I am still applying at jobs to get back to work, but I got so unhealthy from my last job my left ovary died while I was working. I was already 30,000 dollars in debt to just Medical bills. I was also physically assaulted by a manager from that job , then forced to work with her for a year and she wasn’t nicer after that. I was also getting sexually harassed by a technician, and when I saw what they didn’t do for the assault situation, I just tried to control it and keep him as distant as possible, but someone else got uncomfortable and informed the managers , then he was angry at me just like the manager was and of course they did nothing except make me work with him also. When working with them I mean there was no one else in charge other than me . I was trying to hold on for my back pay they had owed me for 7monthes I needed to pay my bills. They kept putting it off. So the last time they told me next paycheck my body couldn’t take it and my ovary died ( ovarian torsion) and I had to get an ambulance to hospital for surgery . I was out for 2 weeks and I had a vacation that was paid as I worked hard as fuck for those paid hours and I planned ahead of time since January for a vacation for my birthday as my year keeps getting worse. So after my mother yelled at my manager to give me my money , as I do not feel rage and screaming help anything so I was always nice. Well my mom got my money while I was in surgery. So I planned my life according on limited money paid for what I could , and just enough to get the paycheck for my vacation time. Well they voided it in the middl of it and refused too. So I quit there and am searching for a job while trying to get back in school and get a new job and fix my dying car and get all my medications as I haven’t been able too and my brain is driving me so crazy sad mad.