Community Midwives of Ohio was founded in February 2021. At that time, the following mission statement was adopted.

"Our mission & goal is to protect birthing options for all women, regardless of race, age, religion, previous birth experiences and history, or economic status. CMO is a group of independent midwives concerned with protecting a woman’s inalienable right to all birthing options. In protecting Ohio birthing families, we believe it is imperative to ensure that legislation will not mandate licensure of all midwives. We uphold our state’s historical and current support of autonomous practices for diverse types of midwives, no matter the credentials, with the core knowledge that Midwife means “with woman”. 

CMO has recently hired a lobbyist to enhance our voice within the legislature. If you would like to see Ohio's families maintain their birthing freedoms, please consider making a donation to this lobbyist fund. Thank you!