Hello, my name is Tiago Henriques, and I am the Creator and Admin for the facebook group Died Suddenly News. I first want to thank all the members and posters for the tremendous support I have received over the last year. The group is one of the fastest growing groups in the world.

My mission is to have our very own platform free from censorship and judgment. A place where caring people can come share their stories free from harassment and feeling safe in a community that truly listens to them.

The need for the new platform is important as it would allow us to compile statistics and evidence on what's really going on in the world. It will give us autonomy and not have to fear being turned off at any time by the powers that be.

Our plans for right now is to develop the platform as I would be doing all the back end work myself as I know how to program in Languages Python, Pytorch and Tensorflow. However, I do not know how to program in React as it is the major front end language needed to develop the new platform. I have put many hours into the FB group to articulate the stories and people's experiences in a concise way for the viewer.

The impact of our new platform will be amazing. We will share stories, gather data, gather evidence and have a place totally free of censorship as our servers will be offshore. I have found 2 of the top front end developers to help us with completing this task.

Our plans for the future look bright as this new platform comes together for the whole world to witness what is truly going on. It will enable people from all beliefs and walks of life to get a look at the true devastation that is happening and hopefully change their minds one by one.

In closing, please help support me in creating this new platform, I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and make this happen as I did with the Facebook group. Any donation would be much appreciated to get this done..... Thank you...Tiago