Primum non nocereFirst do no harm. 

Remdesivir aka Veklury and Midazolam are dangerous pharmaceuticals drugs being used on adults and children worldwide in hospitals as part of failed COVID protocols. Big Pharma and captured quasi government agencies are using their influence and power to force their toxic products on an unsuspecting population. These drugs are responsible for countless deaths, deaths that are covered up by attributing them to COVID rather than to the toxicity of Remdesivir or the sedative effect of Midazolam. 

This Give Send Go account has been set up to build the financial war chest we need in order to fight this battle and take care of those negatively impacted by these drugs. Attorneys are teaming up with scientific and medical experts from across the country to bring class action lawsuits against the pharmaceutical company, the FDA, hospitals and health care providers. In some instances more targeted cases are being brought by individuals against specific doctors and hospitals; criminal cases will soon follow. All of these responsible medical providers either knew or should have known of the dangers these lethal drugs pose. 

We cannot allow those who have died to have died in vain, nor can we allow those permanently injured go without our help. The impact of these toxic drugs on so many families has been devastating. The incalculable pain caused by the premature loss or permanent damage to a loved one is especially accentuated when that loved one provided financially for the family. Many families now need help paying their basic bills in addition to funeral expenses, the costs of autopsies and legal fees. 

Remdesivir must be immediately removed from the market and Midazolam needs to be relegated back to its original purpose . Help us to stop this ongoing tragedy and to care for the victims’ families. Please share this apolitical message with everyone you can. It is a matter of life and death.