**** Leave your Monero wallet address when you give a donation ******

Hello, I would like to buy this Crypto Miner Rig as I believe it may be very profitable.


The calculations for Monero mining

However, I lack the funds to to purchase it. The rig is 4,500 CAD. If the rig generates substantial revenue, as I believe it may, to show my appreciation to all those who help fund this campaign, I ask that you leave a Monero wallet address, as I will send some XMR to it in thankfulness. 

To be more specific

If this rig does as predicted ( look at the cryptocompare link for calculations) I will give back in appreciation ( not a guarantee in return for investment ) to those who give to this campaign ( 1 xmr= $146 currently) This will take some time mine the total crypto needed then give it in gift.

1 XMR for a $20 donation

3 XMR for a $100 donation

7 XMR for $500 donation

14 XMR for $1000 donation

If someone decides to cover the whole 5K needed than

45 XMR for a $5000 donation.