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We are uniting as a community to drive Dominium to provide a better alternate proposal for their future residents with lower density and more amenities--instead they wish to exploit an accidental loophole in the 2008 PAD and maximize their profit under Section 42 and LIHTC with a whopping 21 units per acre--that's way above anything this City has ever seen--just to maximize profits with no consideration for the safety, comfort, and living experience of its future residents. This kind of density will be dangerous to public safety and emergency response and there are no plans to add more schools which are already overcrowded in our area.

Where we'll likely need your help is to make a donation towards the printing costs which a few of us will be paying up front--it's not going to be cheap--I'd expect for the 100 clipboards we're getting, the 350 packets we're putting together so we can get to 5000 BY FRIDAY (Sept. 9th), that 25 copies (13 sheets of paper including the instructions sheet below) looking to at least 15-cents per copy will put us at about $2,700-$2,900. We plan to use a local printer up on Bell.