I am a warrior mother of twins. My story shows abuse can happen to anyone with any background anywhere. I’m taking my victim mask off and putting my warrior paint on to tell my complex story.

met my abuser in 2009 and in 2012 we had our Hollywood fairytale wedding. September 16th 2012 I moved to Egypt to start my fairytale life with him I thought. October 16th2012 first time I was struck in the face. The abuse just got worse from there. I was whipped, kicked, isolated, locked up in rooms for days, attacked, burned, verbally and emotionally abused. 

May 29th 2015 I gave birth to twins in the USA after a rough pregnancy. April 1st 2016 went back to Egypt with twins and son sick. The situation got dire passports were trashed. Threw away sons medicine and food was very limited. My phone was taken away and we were locked from the outside in the house. No communication from outside only a nanny who was spying on me. 

May 29th 2016 parents came and my mother wasn’t allowed to see twins. Dad gave me secret phone knew something wrong. July 14th 2016 ex angry son wouldn’t stop crying. Grabbed son and ran away shaking him and screaming. Tackled ex took son. Ex rose up started punching me in face as I held son. Punched son in face then me knocking me out. Abuse continued as I laid there with son screaming. Got up ran to put son in crib ex in another room. Retrieved hidden secret phone ran to bathroom locked took pictures sent to dad. Texted dad this might be last text told him situation was death. 

Embassy was called by dad and police came to house. Ex knew them because he is an international arms dealer and supplies them. Ex drove his car with, nanny, kids and I in it not separated to police station. Embassy RSO there sneaked their phone in bathroom to take pictures of bruises. Left with him doing more bad than good. Dad arrived telling ex on work trip ex believed it. Planned out lawyers and was trying to save us. 

July 20th 2016 ex accidently left key in back door. Called dad on secret phone agents yelling run last hope. Packed 2 diaper bags took kids. Ran 4 flights of stairs jumped one with alarm. Running in desert BMW pulled up. Man asked if I was American and do I need help? Said Yes. Man said jump in car. Embassy talked with man who said he couldn’t take me but dropped me at taxi. Embassy gave taxi man $400 USD. 

Took 9 days to leave Egypt. Everyday went to different hotels and safe houses since ex’s well connected. Mercenaries were provided to help us. Blocked from getting passport stamped corrupt system ex knew everyone. Lawyers followed laws did process correctly ended up with sole legal custody of twins and divorce which is rare. Ambassador big on women’s rights and helped.

July 29th 2016 arrived in USA. Have full sole custody of kids and divorce. Still abusing me through court now and not getting anything and don’t want. My son has PTSD, neurological damage and mild autism and daughter afraid of certain men. I will keep on fighting because I am a mom and a warrior and no longer wearing my mask. I am standing.

I wanted to share my story because I just can’t keep going to court over and over. I’m not a millionaire and my kids are my world I’m trying to keep this man away from my children. He has never showed any remorse and I’m now getting abused through the courts. I just want this case to end but I don’t see it anytime soon. I’m a wreck about the 12,000 because it’s just too much to spend at the moment on top of all my other bills. I just had a baby and it’s been a struggle with these fees. I am thankful for whatever I get it will help and make me and my little ones happy. I want them to have a good life. I thank you so much. It means so much