Former Army Sergeant Wrongly Accused of Murder, originally released, now faces trial again

Baltimore Prosecutors Refile Charges Despite


Washington, D.C. – Medically discharged Army war hero Alejandro Gonzalez sat in Baltimore City jails for fourteen months awaiting trial for killing a known gang member in defense of his children and family. When his trial date finally arrived and he finally had the opportunity to demonstrate his actual innocence to a jury of his peers, the prosecution dropped the case.

On November 7, 2022 SSGT Gonzalez reunited with his fiancee and children in Georgia, believing his nightmare was over.

Never trust a so-called "progressive prosecutor".

On November 16th, disgraced Baltimore State's Attorney Marylin Moseby applied for a new warrant for Alejandro's arrest for first degree murder. On December 8th he was picked up by Georgia police at his house in Georgia and returned to jail. He's been in jail since, recharged for the same so-called murder.

By all appearances, Baltimore State Attorneys are afraid to try the case, but they are happy having Alejandro locked away in jail without trial for as long as possible.

Mr. Gonzalez served his country as a combat engineer in the Army for 12 years, enduring the horrors of Afghanistan and Iraq before several IEDs took their toll and he was medically discharged. Upon returning home from the Army, Alejandro had established a new business teaching boxing to at-risk youth in Atlanta. He had just purchased a new home for his fiancee and children when he decided to take his family to see his Mom in Baltimore in September 2021. After his family was threatened and he was attacked by a known Baltimore gang member wielding a dangerous weapon, Alejandro was left with no choice: He shot his assailant with his mother's legally registered handgun. For simply defending himself and his family, Mr. Gonzalez was charged with murder and had to spend fourteen months in jail instead of with his loved ones.

“Mr. Gonzalez has proven himself to be a hero, both in defense of his country and in defense of his family,” Mr. Gonzalez’s attorney Michael Stark said. “Why has a man with no prior criminal record who dutifully protected his country, been singled out with no explanation? A giant of a man is in jail for protecting his family. Why would Baltimore drop the case after Alejandro spent more than a year separated from his two young boys, only to recharge it and return him to jail weeks later? The evidence in this case very clearly makes out a clear case of self-defense. Alejandro should have had the chance to face a jury of his peers last November, but Baltimore took that away from him, only to return him to jail mere weeks later. This shitshow needs to end, and I call on new Baltimore State's Attorney Ivan J. Bates to examine his predecessor's charging decision and fix this travesty."

Mr. Gonzalez has obviously been unable to work since September, 2021. He is in danger of losing his home, and has been unable to adequately provide for his family. If you have the means, a new fund has been established on GiveSendGo to provide for legal expenses and help Alejandro and his family through this ordeal.

For more information or to arrange an interview with attorney Michael Stark, please contact Kevin McVicker at Shirley & McVicker Public Affairs at (703) 739-5920 or