Jonathan was born on July 22, 1996. Born and raised in Ecuador by his father, he was very energetic and full of life. One of his biggest dreams came true and it is what they call “ the American Dream”; come to the US and work for a better lifestyle.

Jonathan had tried numerous times to come to the US. After many attempts, his visa was finally approved. Jonathan called Diego (his cousin and a TORC team member) to give him the great news. Diego agrees to bring him over and help him accomplish his goals. Jonathan’s goal was to help his family build their home.He also wanted to help his mother and sister by providing them with a better lifestyle.

Diego picked up Jonathan from the airport and gives Jonathan the great news that he was able to get a job with TORC. Jonathan stated he was ready to work and accomplish his American dream.

 Unfortunately, on his first day of work he had a tragic accident resulting in a fatal fall.In addition to his two cousins at TORC – Diego and Daniel, he leaves behind his devastated mother, father, and sister. His father is on his way to pick up his son’s body and bring him back home to his mother and sister.

 Diego wants to thank everyone for all the support. His family is grateful for everything they are doing for their son and brother.

In addition to the fundraising at a local level, the overarching RCA family would also like to help any way we can. We are sharing this fundraising site in the event you’d like to contribute to Jonathan’s family and help with costly travel and burial expenses. Nothing will bring him back, but your support, prayers and donations will certainly help with the financial burdens as they begin to focus on finding peace and healing.

Thank you.