You may know Dillon from Strouse entertainment. He's been a DJ and provides other entertainment at events in our community. However, many of us know him as a friend and an inspiration. Starting and running a business without hands and trouble speaking is challenging for Dillon but he continues to wake up every day and deal with all the same problems every business owner has. Additionally, he overcomes the health problems most business owners will never experience. Dillon's journey continues to be an inspiration to so many of us.  He can't begin to express his gratitude towards the community for the love and support he's gotten throughout the years. 

Dillon has reached another roadblock recently. His business hasn't been very profitable over the last few years, and his vehicle is on its last leg. Also, he doesn't have a handicapped lift. A new lift is what he needs most. He estimates that to be appx $45,000.00 - installed. The vehicle replacement for his business is around $60,000.00. He didn't want to ask for help. But a few of us learned about the need and wanted to share it with the community to see if we can help him. If he can get funding for a handicapped lift, he can get a loan for a new vehicle. We'd love to blow through $45,000.00 for the lift, and help him with something toward the vehicle too.  

Check out the video for more details about Dillon's challenge. 

Click here to see Dillon trying out a new truck with an internal lift: