Are you fed up with the relentless attacks on our children and their innocence. The oversexualization, grooming and indoctrination is poisoning their young minds and robbing them of their innocence. The issues children face are endless; sexual abuse, trafficking, exploitation, medicalization, neglect and more.

They say it takes a village...we say it takes an ARMY!

RISE UP! Now is the time to join the battle to #StopTheWarOnChildren

MOM Army is building a massive coalition of warriors and fierce protectors of children. 

Our vision is a world where children are heard, loved, honored and feel safe. We work with trusted non profit organizations and various groups that are aligned with our mission to protect children. Our goals include policy change, legislative work, mobilizing supporters for rallies and protests across America to affect positive change.

Just a few months in, we are setting up 25 Battalions (chapters) across America and in Canada.

Please consider making a donation to help us reach more warriors to join us in this very important fight.

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