A man without a single thing on his record, a man who has served his country his entire adult life, has been in solitary confinement for over a year and now sits on a prison term of over five years.

My husband, Thomas "TJ" Robertson was an off-duty law enforcement officer who was present at and entered into the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 to retrieve his friend from the crowd. He was attempting to do the right thing from the start. He left all weapons in his car before attending the protest. TJ has attended several protests which were all peaceful. This include the protest in Richmond, VA, where thousands gathered and not a single issue arose. The government has alleged that my husband essentially was part of some conspiracy to commit riotous (and violent) activity. This is simply untrue. TJ is not only a proud supporter of peace and protesting, he has actually attended and secured protests on the opposing political views while on duty. He believes strongly that every American has a right to voice their opinion. He does not care where you came from, or what color your skin is. He has spent his entire life supporting America as a Police Officer and as a Soldier in the United States Army. That day at the protest TJ did not hurt anyone or destroy any property. He was just attending peacefully. The government had one argument, he was carrying a walking stick, a so-called deadly weapon. He was carrying that walking stick because while overseas he was blown up, literally. He barely survived, and when he returned to the states it took over a year before he could even try and get back to normal activity.

With his retirement just a few years away, he was swept into the system. The very rights he has given so much to protect were taken from him. He has spent over a year in solitary confinement. He has just been transferred to a new facility and I am waiting on a phone call to know he is okay. A man with a heart the size of the moon is sentenced to years in prison for simply walking into a building to find his friend. I ask that if you wish to help, please send donation here and not to the jail. He has been disciplined for having numerous things sent to him. He is the definition of an American. He stands tall for those who cannot stand, he speaks for those without a voice, and he now is imprisoned for those actions. THANK YOU ALL for your love and support.