Who we are: A common question we get asked is, “what is your organization about?” God, Family, and Country are our priorities.  We are a non-partisan organization who focuses on the Constitution. We start every meeting with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Our meetings are attended by men, women, and children of every color, race, and ethnicity.

What we do: Our regular meetings focus on bringing to light local and state political issues. We strive for transparency and accountability in our elected officials by providing a platform for them to engage with their constituents in meaningful conversation.  We have members designated to attend city council meetings, school board meetings, city library meetings and various other events of interest to bring back relevant information to share.

We are a new chapter of 1776 Sons of Liberty, but our parent chapter has donated thousands of dollars to local non-profits such as the Marine Corps League, Wreaths Across America, Hanford K9 Foundation and the Refuge to name a few.  We plan to follow in their footsteps by supporting our community.

Our Wins: We participated in successfully petitioning the West Ada School District, the largest district in Idaho, to create a second board to review all book reconsideration forms, and remove Gender Queer from the school system with more inappropriate works to be screened.  They have now also implemented a policy for all new books to give parents a chance to voice their concern prior to purchase.

Our Current Battle: The Meridian Library District is its own taxing district that uses a budget of more than $7 million dollars a year to operate 5 facilities across Meridian.  They are not accountable to the city, County, or state. Inside these libraries the unofficial policy is Any Book, Any Person, Any Time.  Children can access books (DVDs) without the approval of a parent or guardian regardless of the content or location.  There are documented cases of minors checking out books like Gender Queer by Maia Kobabe and being delivered to their home, and Body music being checked out by a 12 y/o with assistance from a librarian.  Both of these books are located in the adult graphic section. Even though the pictures are awful, the story lines in a lot of books located in the teen and children’s sections are not suitable for adults. Rape scenes, plots of graphic molestation, and descriptive sex scenes are very common throughout. Currently we are tracking 79 concerning books.

Our Plan: After 18 months of attempting to get the Meridian Library District board to find a solution that will work for all residents, we have decided to move forward in protecting the children of our community.  We started the process of re-establishing The New Meridian Library District in order to have Library Board Members appointed who have the business of the library as a priority instead of social agendas.  

Marketing, Legal Fees, and recall efforts cost a lot of money. Thank you for considering donating to help us fight for our children's innocents.

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