Hello dearest fellow Patriots,

We are Jennifer and Jamie, we are happily married and been together for 30 years, we have NEVER been in trouble with law prior to this. We was a arrested on 6/23/21 by our corrupt FBI for attending January 6. We thought we could use our first amendment rights inside the capital to tell how displeased we was with the stolen election, and how corrupt they were. 

Since our arrest I have developed severe separation anxiety, and depression. Most days I wish I wouldn’t wake up to all this. We was released on $20,000 bond each, check in monthly to pretrial, home inspection by them monthly, and Jamie has a gps ankle monitor. 

My husband is on disability for the past 14 years, it seems most of what he’s being charged with is around 44 months in prison, he will lose his disability payments. I work as a bartender, I’m looking up to 6 months of prison.

My hubby takes care of my disabled mother whom lives with us, and our son Jordan whom has Asperger’s. If we get anytime, my son will need help to keep my mobile home afloat with my mom. I’m worried we will lose everything due to my hubby being sole provider, and my working covers food, gas, and things that come up. 

We need help with trial we will need money for hotel stay, travel to DC most likely trial starts in April.

Please consider donating to help us, and pray for America 🇺🇸 God wins