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Campaign Created by: Anke Meyn for Amos Miller

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Goal: USD $175,000
Raised: USD $ 176,365

Amos Miller Organic Farm  is our century-old Amish family farm in Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania - serving its Private Member Association. The farm raises its animals and other pure foods the way nature intended and we are proud to be entirely chemical, cruelty and GMO-free. The animals are born and raised without antibiotics or hormones and they spend their entire lives naturally and stress-free out on pasture. All of the farm’s food is traceable, pure and grown on nutrient dense soil, under traditional time-honored methods.

The farm is now under attack by the USDA about non-conforming practices, the practices which pre-date the USDA. They are suing the farm to comply with USDA laws, concerning the way the farm animals are processed and how our food is labeled. The farm and its members believe that we have the right of free assembly and the right to choose how our food is processed and consumed without the USDA dictating to the farm.

Our Farmer, Amos Miller, needs your help to preserve traditional farming the way our father God intended. In order to defend the way the farm has produced its pure foods for more than 100 years, Amos has to hire civil rights attorneys to argue the farm’s case in court against the army of lawyers that the USDA are bringing to the courtroom.

Amos and his family know that how the food is grown, raised and processed has a direct connection to the health of the people who consume it. We oppose cruelty in any shape or form. The farm’s focus is to grow real nutrient dense, chemical-free foods, taking care that NO harm is done to neither the animals, the environment or the people who consume our foods. We are what we eat and this is clearly an undeniable fact.

The ever increasing environmental toxins from the overuse of synthetic chemicals makes modern farming very questionable. The ethical part, consuming animal foods, leaves doubts in the minds of many. Members of our community have joined us because they have chemical sensitivities and only started to heal and thrive once they began consuming REAL nutrient dense foods. They depend on our farm foods. Members with a vegan background started enjoying animal foods again once they realized that the death of an animal doesn't have to be cruel. Did you know that our farmer, Amos, is praying before he is planning to sacrifice an animal? Amish farmers are such wonderful, ethical and honest people. We members trust our Amish farmer and his integrity is priceless.

Please note that accepting contributions are not typically allowed in the Amish culture. The Amish believe in earning what you have - through hard work. But Amos needs help to defend our Association and he agreed to accept donations through the GiveSendGo campaign.

If you think like we do and you believe that farming can be done and continued the proven and traditional way, please support our Food freedom and our Farmer, Amos, and donate any amount you can.

Share and support our fight. We need YOUR VOICE more than ever. Please help to secure NON DEFILED FOODS. What is defilement you may ask? - defilement is the CORRUPTION of PURE PERFECTION. And what is PURE PERFECTION? It has always been and always will be God's creation. **GOD'S FOODS** - foods that are grown as our father God intended. Non corrupted/non defiled foods - free of chemicals, sterilizers and GMO's. That does NOT include lab grown meats and fish or any type of CRISPR experiments on the genome. See, if you change the DNA of God's creation it will be no longer "the image of God" but corrupted and defiled - nonredeemable on the spiritual level. What you eat clearly matters.

We owe it to our children and ourselves to defend the right to eat nourishing foods that will sustain our body and soul.

Thank you so much for your support, YOUR PRAYERS and contributions.

What will my money be used for? The farmer will use these funds to seek counsel and the best lawful representation.

How can I find out more about the farm? Please visit or contact us.

Since the farmer is Amish and doesn't use a computer, how did he create this GiveSendGo page? Amos Miller has chosen a managing member, Anke M. to help him create this campaign.


Update #7
January 11, 2023
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Hello everybody,
Alison Morrow, an ex journalist, interviewed our Attorney, Robert Barnes. We hope you will enjoy the podcast as much as we did.

As always, thank you for your faith and unstoppable support.

With appreciation, Anke and Amos

Update #7
January 11, 2023
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Hello everybody,
Alison Morrow, an ex journalist, interviewed our Attorney, Robert Barnes. We hope you will enjoy the podcast as much as we did.

As always, thank you for your faith and unstoppable support.

With appreciation, Anke and Amos

Contempt matter Update
December 12, 2022
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We have an exciting update to share! Our Attorney, Robert Barnes, has negotiated a resolution to the contempt matter, and we can now begin working on a permanent resolution that allows Amos to raise nutritious, pure meats for his members again. Please watch the video below to see Robert Barnes' statement.

Thank you all for your generous donations and your continued support!

With appreciation, Anke

Amos Miller Organic Farm

Exiting UPDATE
September 26, 2022
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Good evening everybody :)

We have an exiting update for you today as we are moving forward with JOY, HOPE and unstoppable FAITH.

As many of you already know - our selfless farmer - has been facing persecution and prosecution for years - growing and supplying healing, nutrient dense foods to our members of our private member association. It has been a challenging and difficult time for all of us, but the hardship goes especially to farmer, Amos and his whole family.

Now, things are looking much brighter. Father God has answered our prayers for a fearless lawyer to represent Amos, to stand up for him and speak truth to power.

Robert Barnes, a high profile attorney known for his work representing clients like Wesley Snipes and Children's Health Defense, and his success in defending clients in civil, criminal, and constitutional law cases, has agreed to represent Amos!

He has gotten Amos a continuance, meaning that Amos will not have to go to court on Monday, and we now have a month to work and plan before the next hearing. Robert Barnes will be there to defend him at that time.

Robert passes on the following message to all of you:

""I am very pleased and proud to represent Amos Miller. This case concerns ever farmer, every community of every faith, and the individual's right to decide what goes in their body. I look forward to defending the right of the people to make their own informed decisions about food in this case."

Robert Barnes shares our faith and belief in our sacred right to choose what we eat and put in our own bodies. Please continue to pray that Robert is able to defend Amos against the attacks the government brings against him, and to defend the right of all of us to choose healing, nutrient dense foods.

We have created a NEW CAMPAIGN to support Mr Robert Barnes and you can learn about him and his previous success cases here.

Thank you again for your generous support and to keep us in your prayers. We are determined to make God's foods further accessible to you and we will never stop fighting for YOU.

With appreciation, Anke

August 27, 2022
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A wonderful good evening everybody...
do you remember the accusations made against our farmer, Amos, in 2016, where the CDC insisted that his raw milk killed a Florida individual?

Lets go down memory lane.. you won't believe it unless you read the following articles....CDC misconduct anyone?



Praise the Lord - even if we don't remember some things, He never forgets :) Yes, I am fully awake now, how about you?

Thank you for all of your unstoppable support. Words can not and never will describe our gratitude. And thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin.

With appreciation, Anke

***Very interesting***
August 26, 2022
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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts
August 26, 2022
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Hello everybody,

no words can describe how honored we are and the gratitude we feel being surrounded by so many like minded who support our passion to farm "according to God's Law". We are overwhelmed from Joy.

The stakes are high but with His help and OUR never ending FAITH we will accomplish to have a fair outcome that shall be pleasing to Him.

We are inspired by the many recommendations we received from YOU and we are actively seeking the best options that we feel we have to move forward.

We will not be silenced as the TRUTH will always prevail - said that, farmer, Amos, did an interview by phone with Del Bigtree yesterday, here is the video.

As many of you already know, the USDA is asking us to pay a fine of $305.000 because we farm and distribute our food privately to our members who are consenting to a private member association agreement. Our members are asking us to grow and produce their food for them. We don't sell to the public roam. The problem is that USDA wants to have a contract on their own - complying to regulations that involve the use of sterilizers for the meats and pasteurization of some of our dairy products. We oppose such methods as we believe that foods should be healing. Our members desire just hat. We would like to see more people grow their own food and become as self sufficient as possible but if you can't sustain yourself why not "hire" a farmer who is doing the work for "you". Our members trust us and depend on our foods for sustenance and they distrust the USDA.

We strongly believe that if you raise resilient and healthy animals and you invest at the front, you don't have to worry much at the end when time comes to slaughter. This is the opposite thinking where conventional animals are not well cared for and one must pay great attention to produce a safe and wholesome food product. But how does the USDA assures that the end product is safe..? This question needs to be asked and we deserve an answer. According to the statistics Heart disease and mental health problems are rampant and our members have experienced healing from such issues once they put their faith in God's foods.

If you agree that traditional farming according to God's Law is important to preserve and it should be our choice to decide what type of foods we choose to eat without government overreach, please praise REBEL NEWS and sign the petition.

We thank you again for your generous support and to keep us in your prayers. We are determined to make God's foods further accessible to you and we will never stop fighting for YOU. 

Thank you for reading.

With appreciation, Anke

Amos Miller's Organic Farm

Thank you Doug and Stacy from *Off Grid** for thinking of us....
August 15, 2022
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