Hello, We are Dave, Nicole, and Rob of Black Metal Firearms. This is our official fundraiser to help with the extensive legal counsel we have had to retain to help fight the ATF’s illegal and unconstitutional over reach of our customers data and to help save our license. We are a Small, Veteran/Family owned firearms dealer out in Mesa, AZ with a huge passion for the firearms industry and the safety of our community and customers. We need your help now more than ever as we go up against the big bad wolf. We are the first line of defense to keep your family safe. It’s us today they are taking out and you tomorrow. The ATF has recommended that our license be revoked and they violated us and our customers in the process. They destroyed our business and our reputation. We are tired of being treated like thugs. We are a family trying to make a living.  We will not go quietly or down without a fight! Please share this as much as possible as we are in for quite an expensive legal battle. It’s time this stops happening to Honest Federal Firearms Licensees and it’s time it stops happening to the American people. Thank you for your support. We can’t do it alone! Stay Metal! Dave, Nicole, and Rob.