Down and out in Manchester NH

Campaign Created by: Mike Bailey

The funds from this campaign will be received by Mike Bailey.

Goal: USD $2,500
Raised: USD $ 100


I am hitting 60 in a couple of months

Got hurt at work 5 weeks ago

Screwed up my knee

My car has been in a body shop for 2 months

Just got it out and it overheated on the way home

Looks like I blew the headgasket. Now it won't start

No pay for 5 weeks now, all my reserves are gone

Looking for some help to get over this hump, trying to get back to work but no transportable 

If you can see your way to help out that would be greatly appreciated

Thank you for reading this



Up the creek
August 9, 2022
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Last night came home to a demand for rent notice

I have applied for help but who knows if that will come through

My car just won't start

I have pulled the plugs, cleaned them up but she still won't catch and start

This is all after it overheated when I got it out of the body shop

They had it for 2 months but never touched it.

That's my story so far

Not sure where it takes me from here

Thanks for reading


Update #1
August 8, 2022
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And now the landlord is pushing for the rent.

It just gets better all the time.


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