CondemnedUSA January 6th Legal Defense Fund

Campaign Created by: Treniss Evans

The funds from this campaign will be received by Treniss Evans.

Goal: USD $200,000
Raised: USD $ 91,605


Condemned USA was born out of the need to protect the Human Rights of American Citizens against a clearly hostile weaponized Federal System targeting conservative ideology. We pledge to ensure due process under a Weaponized DOJ by creating and providing high-impact legal support and solutions. Condemned USA provides research assistance, housing assistance, transportation assistance, media coverage and outreach, personalized financial assistance, social media outreach, and a unique insight into the bad-faith actions of bad-faith actors in our federal system.

We recognize that not ALL actors in the Federal System are corrupt but that corruption anywhere in our system has no place in the United States of America.


Fair and Equitable justice is all but extinct in weaponized courts controlled by those who mean to destroy the Constitution and those who attempt to uphold our traditional values. Your investments cultivate legal actions of both defense and offense including housing, transport, research, and associated costs of providing proper defense to Americans targeted by the DOJ for overcharged crimes. Condemned USA is unique in our ongoing effort to combat much of this by raising our own legal actions against those who pervert our laws and undermine actual justice. We must not allow anti-American ideology to continue to fester in the legal system through lawfare. Today’s America and the future of we are responsible for preserving to be handed to our children and future generations depend on the decisions we make today. 


Our work is for YOU, We The People
February 5, 2024
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On January 17th, 2023, CondemnedUSA along with Jon Mosely and Attorney George Pallas, on behalf of President Donald J Trump, submitted to the Supreme Court an Amicus Brief regarding the Colorado case to remove Trump from the ballot.

This brief has put the truth in front of SCOTUS. It shows how the prosecution in the case put forth fraudulent information by using altered video in their opening statements. Pointing out several things such as:  SINCE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE CHOOSES A PRESIDENT, BUT U.S. CITIZENS CAN ONLY VOTE FOR ELECTORS THE 14TH AMEND. § 3 CAN NOT BAR A CANDIDATE FROM THE ELECTION BALLOT. 

and that TRUMP TRIED TO STOP AN INSURRECTION, NOT CAUSE ONE. These and more can be viewed in the on-line PDF provided in the above link. 

The work that Treniss Evans and CondemnedUSA has been doing to fight the tyranny and corruption overcoming our branches of government is an uphill battle. However, it is a battle worth fighting and a hill worth dying on. There are cases to be heard in the Supreme Court regarding J6 including the infamous 1512(c)(2) charge haunting almost all J6 defendants and the Change of Venue case that affects all J6 defendants, including President Trump. 

We will continue to right these wrongs and stand for the American people. We need your support to keep fighting. We answered the call of the Hostages who are being held unjustly and we won't leave their sides until they are home. Please support our work today. For more information, please visit our website at



Update #1
May 3, 2023
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It's been a hard working quarter for Condemned USA. 

During this time Condemned USA has -

Provided Research Assistants to the Proud Boys legal Defense
Provided Housing and Transportation Assistance to J6 Attorneys
Created Lengthy Documentation of the Prejudicial Conduct by the DOJ to Members of Congress (click here to view a copy of that document: 
Testified in front of the South Dakota legislature to advocate for the Human Rights of January 6th defendants and to shed light on the mistreatment of these American's in our jail systems. 

We are currently working to compile and release our financial records to the public, although as an LLC we are not even required to do so. We believe in transparency, and we believe that Due Process, is not up for Debate. 


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