Condemned USA is her to fight against the Civil Rights abuses of J6 defendants and to ensure due process under a Weaponized DOJ by creating and providing high-impact legal solutions and countering the false narrative of the a corrupt corporate media and bad-faith actors in our institutions.


These Americans desperately need your support. Fair and Equitable justice has become alarmingly absent in the plight of our January 6th defendants. We aim to employ jobless J6 defendants, gather Attorneys, and house families and legal defense teams for the durations of their trials. We currently assist with some of the most high-profile cases in the nation, ensuring that NO American is left to the will of a system that hates them, and aims to use these men and women to stamp out the voice of all American dissent. These families have been broken, and ONLY with your help, will we have the means to put them back together. 


Join our fast-growing team of dedicated volunteers and low-cost solutions for legal services (lawyers, paralegals, and investigators) video research and video forensics, investigators, client advocates, newsletter contributors, organizers and so much more.