Kasanco Fashion is a small online fashion shop that specializes in the sale and distribution of high-quality clothing, T-shirts, and designed mugs. Is established to ensure the availability of trendy and creatively designed wear and mugs to a wide range of audiences across the United States. The main aim is to ensure the provision of the best and most durable products made from the best materials and the most creative yet trendy designed mugs to all customers. Our mission is to bring dynamism, creativity, and affordability to the United States fashion industry through the sale of fashion design dresses and mugs.

We are envisioned to become one of the top brands by providing high-quality clothing, apparel, and mugs across the United States and the entire world. Our strategy is to leverage technology by using a well-optimized website and social media channels to create awareness and improve our brand. We plan to expand the business to become a much more competitive online brand that operates its inventory. Therefore, this request is intended to seek donations worth $40,000 that will enable the required business expansion and the acquisition of new products. Additionally, the funds received would be used to employ highly qualified and talented personnel to work on the quality and the overall business