Dan Mokrzycki is the new voice needed for Ward 9 in Windsor, Ontario. With the rise in crime in our ward, and the safety of using walking trails, parks, play equipment, and even public parking lots in the area in jeopardy, there needs to be a change in leadership. I can be the voice people need. I can be the leader the people of Ward 9 need.

I am a father of 3, have been married for over 10 years and have lived in Windsor, Ontario, my whole life. I have moved to and lived in Ward 9 since 1998.

I have worked as a Program Manager in the Automotive Manufacturing Industry for over 7 years. Previously, I have worked in the Automotive sector in various other positions, so I know much about how the Automotive industry is the heart and soul of Windsor. Before moving into the Automotive industry, I was a Swing Manager at McDonald's. I have worked at McDonald's for over 5 years, being a manager for over 3 years. So leadership skills are aplenty with me.

With your support, I will make sure your voice is heard, all of your concerns are brought to council, and Ward 9 gains a strong voice again.