I came back up from Florida to help take care of my family because there was no more employment down there for me so my fiance found me a job at a tree service company so I got the job and went to work my first day on the job and the door latch to one the work trucks I was driving was broken and it was parked on a hillside so I grabbed the door to shut it from the top with one hand and grabbed the botto of the door with my other hand I lifted up on the door for it to go latched and somehow while doing that the door shuts and I heard a pop and I then went to the hospital and I tore my bicep and this was back on 4/13/2022 my whole arm was black by the time I walked to to the hospital from the job site and since 4/13/2022 I have been thru 6 doctors only to get told my ins wouldn't cover the surgery I needed so I finally found a Dr to do the surgery on my arm which was on August 1 I finally got to get the surgery that I was supposed to get within 10 days of this happening so my tendons didn't curl up in my arm which happened which made my surgery ten times worse than it should have been because I couldn't get any Dr to approve my medical card and now that I have the surgery done I'm not allowed to move at all or they said the tendon won't attach and heal right. I been without income since the day of the injury on 4/13/2022 and now they tell me it will still be months before I can go out and get a job to support myself and my family and I have had no income what so ever since the date of the accident all my bills are way behind I have shut offs for every utility in the house I barely have any food in the house besides what I have called around to the churches and received food from them and a few every day necessity supplies so anything you can donate will be greatly appreciated I don't like even asking or setting something like this up but I'm out of options so any dollar you can give I thank you from the bottom of my heart I just want to pay my bills and not get all my utilities shut off Thank You All So Much And God Bless!!!!