Dan Porter’s health journey throughout this past year was nothing short of  miraculous; overcoming incredible medical odds at every turn. Sadly for us, Dan fell into the loving arms of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on September 20th. The Porter family needs our help now more than ever. It goes without saying but we know your generosity towards this sweet family will be clearly evident as you get involved in their story. 

Following is Dan’s story from the beginning of his medical challenges. He was diagnosed with Covid-19 in November 2021 and hospitalized with complications, including respiratory failure due to a pulmonary embolism, bed wounds, malnutrition and various life-threatening infections due to prolonged bed rest all while on full vent support and multiple hospital and ICU transports.

What many of you may not know is the Porter family home was in the midst of a remodel as Dan was urgently transported by life squad to the hospital last November. The builder walked off the job and left the home open to the elements and utility bills were skyrocketing. Thankfully, due to some very generous people, progress has been made in buttoning up the exterior of the home from the elements. There is definitely still a long way to go and that is why we are continuing this GiveSendGo site.

It is our goal to raise funds to help complete this remodel to make this home a finished place for Mary and the kids. We are also supporting the family’s daily needs. Dan was self- employed and the savings are depleted. All savings to date were used for Dan's medical care and the family's basic needs. The remodel, thankfully, has had some progress made since this GiveSendGo was created through generous donations of time, resources, and funds.

Beyond your financial blessing towards this incredible family, if you are a skilled tradesman or own a building company and are willing to donate time and/or materials, please reach out. Together we truly can be the hands and feet of God to the Porter family! We know the home is the center of any family and we pray we make this a peaceful respite for Mary and the kids in the coming months ahead.