Her Name is Amanda. she is 42 years old. Amanda has been fighting cancer for a while and for a long time she hasn’t had a sign. Amanda is a single mother of 4 children 2 of which reside at home. 2 months ago Amanda found out that her cancer had went to her brain. (Medullary Thyroid Carcinoma) it was in her body as well which she realized 4 months ago and she has been fingering since. She was given a chemo pill that was later revealed had been shut down during clinical trials. It was too late the damage was done. Her cancer wasn’t suppose to go to the brain, in some cases it has but they never checked until her brain was covered, covered by the slowest growing cancer there is. She has been in and out of the hospital and last Friday she went in. She wad told she had pancreatitis on top of all the new cancer cells that had been growing since she was removed from chemo. She walked In the hospital 2 fridays ago, last Friday a wheelchair and today Thursday I carried her from the car to the bed. They discharged her from the hospital and told her as she lay in the hospital absorbed by the comfort of morphine. She was engulfed from the warmth of the drug that she would have agreed to jump from the tallest building. She agreed to be released to go home and on Saturday start physical therapy. I was not present and the dr took his chance. Amanda was sent home to pass away from this world holding on to hope that physical therapy will be here Saturday and she would be strong again. Amanda was also sent home and told they had called her in a prescription for what’s called ultam. Morphine every 3hrs to tramadol 1 every 6 there is absolutely no justification. She is laying in her bed now as the remnants from the last dose of medicine completely wears off and as the pain comes back to join her hallucinations she will have to just accept the hospital was to busy to call her medicine into her pharmacy. Her pharmacist who has known Amanda for her entire journey tried several times to call them and to no avail. They are closed now and it wouldn’t matter if the hospital decides they have time. Time to provide a dying woman a medication that at this point is nothing more than a vitamin. Amanda gets to depart this place with nothing she had lost her full time job 4 months ago because of this cancer. She of course has applied for SSD and i guess she wasn’t sick enough yet. She has really no family a couple but it’s such an atrocity and such malpractice all that has occurred. Her Oncologist however at least said he was sorry last Friday “sorry for making you so sick I never should have given you that pill Amanda” his true words. Anybody is more than welcome to reach out send a prayer text I don’t care I can assure you that just as I sat next to her this entire week day and night except the hours I went to work to attempt to get out of this abyss of debt I assure you I will tell her ever kind word please anyone help. Amanda 422-657-4336 Mark will answer