My name is Hussein Al-Hureini, 28, from the Palestinian village of At-Tuwani, South Hebron Hills. I am member of Youth of Sumud, an intiative established in 2017 to nonviolently resist the Isreali illegal occupation in the area. Since 2017 I have been arrested 8 times by the Israeli occupation forces because of my activism. 

My village is located in Massafer Yatta region, in the south of occupied West Bank. During the 80s Israel declared an area of Masafer Yatta as a military training zone, the “Firing Zone 918”. In 1999 a large military forces stormed the villages inside of that so-called Firing Zone 918 forcing families out of their own homes and lands transporting them outside of the area.

Thanks to media pressure that started to talk about this war crime and to lawyers who succeded in freezing the case, the Supreme Court recognized the right to return of Palestinians to their villages and lands until a final decision was issued. On 4th May 2022, after a 20-year legale battle, the Israel Supreme Court ruled the demolition and forcilbly expulsion of 8 villages within the so called “Firing Zone 918”. With this ruling once again Israel puts itself above international law according to which it would constitue a war crime and a crime against humanity. 

Detentions, arrests, restrinction in movement, military trainings, raids are all tools the Israeli occupation forces are using to force these communities to leave their lands. At the same time the Israeli army is trying to isolate these communities preventing activists from bringing their support and solidarity to them. The Israeli police already confiscated several cars, for this reason we need another car to be sure to keep on being able to bring our support and reach the threatened villages in Massafer Yatta. Io farei na roba così. Poi non so quanto spazio avete a disposizione però