Hi There,


·        Suresh Nagarajan, I am self-employed and doing a small-scale startup business, Working as a system integrator after completing my engineering graduate.


·        Myself, my retired father, my wife in that I am the only working person in my family and now I got an accident and am unable to earn.


·        My father has an eye cataracts problem he is under medical treatment


·        My wife has pregnancy issues, thyroid, and pcod problems she is under medical treatment


·        Now recently I got an accident and my left hand got fractured also my right eye got some kind of infection. Unable to do work and my family struggling to lead day-to-day life for all basic needs, medical needs, etc.,


·        During this COVID 19 pandemic lockdown, I was relocated to a new location and my business got loss.


·        To overcome I took lots of loans from credit cards, personal banking, and other small local finance from friends and relatives.


·        So far I did small labor work and vendor work to lead my family but now because of an accident got a physical illness and I am unable to do work. 


·        Now I am helpless and I was cornered. 


·        For my Bone fracture medical expense, my father's eye cataracts medical expense, my wife's pregnancy issue medical expense, for my business developments and loan repayments, and for all basic needs like food and house rents please help me and donate me to save my family.


·        I don’t know who you are and where you are, daily I ask god to save me likewise I see you and ask you please help me and donate me to save my family. Thank you.