As I officially said yes that I would be doing full time missions with YHWH i looked at my options with this decision. I look to partner with YWAM for the next two years to see what is in store for me and my life on the Go. the original reason of coming to do missions was with the word that I was being called to Go! As I was sent there was many things that felt right and the trials I faced made me founded in Yeshua. I knew that DTS was the beginning and sure enough I heard right. The diversity of people in Marseille showed me the people I wanted to share the gospel with and not only that but cultivate what hospitality looks like. I really thought I understood what hospitality looked like but I was wrong. The expression in the many cultures that lie off the Mediterranean is outstandingly rich and plentiful. I want to continue to cultivate Hospitality and immerse myself with new cultures to experience Yeshua in the different cultures around here. Along my outreach I discovered my gift with engaging with youth. I can't wait to explore more of this as I continue to grow. the money I am raising is for accommodation, Insurance, daily expenses, travel, and French schooling. this amount falls minimal at what I what I would need monthly. thank you so much for your support and I will continue to keep you updated!