We are two, experienced teachers of the lost arts - music, literature, humanities, and theater. Our names are Andy Ingersoll and Ramona DeRyan (Ingersoll). We have a newly-formed business called The Lost Arts Teachers LLC, in hostile California. Our website is: Lost Arts Teachers. We created this business to help families with school choice and to support their homeschooling with our special classes in the arts.  We support school choice and family values with our comprehensive courses and lessons.


After the lockdowns were mostly lifted in San Diego County, we both lost our jobs because of our non-compliance to mask and vaccine mandates.   This is why we decided to start a teaching and tutoring service for families. It took almost three months for our LLC to get filed and we lost, potentially, thousands of dollars in the Spring of 2022. We will not “cut and run” from California because what happens in California will eventually happen to the rest of the country. We will stay and hold the line here WITH YOUR HELP.  Money is running out and the timing is critical. With your donations, we can cover our costs and stay here to fight this big fight!


A shocking fact: California is ranked 50th out of our 50 states in literacy - California has the lowest literacy rate of any state, data suggests | EdSource.

We are not going to pull any punches. California public school boards and unions do not want teachers and business owners like us to help families!  Draconian Covid mandates, "progressive" indoctrination of children, and family desecration in the public school curriculum in California have left these vulnerable children and their parents lost, confused and frustrated. Not all parents know which schooling options are available and we need to reach them.

The public school system in California is in shambles. Let’s save education in America.

Parents, it is up to you!