I'm not going to go into a whole long story because honestly don't have the strength or time so basicly I'm homeless I've been staying at different friends residences the past couple months I can't get on my feet because I have to move almost monthly and all the money I've been able to make goes to feeding myself and paying people for a place to lay my head at night ,well since Christmas it's taken a downturn I've been selling my things online but the past month and a half it's been impossible nobody buys anything and it's so bad right now I haven't eaten in 4-5 days I need help in general but right now I jus need food to keep going I don't have transportation to go anywhere or anything so I'm like stuck in this room starving anything is appreciated even vouchers coupons doordash gift certificates cash will help but I'd actually prefer food  right now to keep me going for a couple weeks so I'd appreciate anything anybody can help out with my email is 5150facetyme@gmail.com incase you wanna send food vouchers or gift certificates for food like I said anything will help I'm just really hungry and in dire need of help thanks in advance for any help recieved