Jeffrey McKellop, U.S Army Special Forces, Retired

Campaign Created by: Lydia Sorrow

The funds from this campaign will be received by Lydia Sorrow.

Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 47,310

My name is Jeffrey McKellop, Airborne Ranger 2nd Ranger BN, Special Forces, Green Beret (Retired)

Serviced in Combat in Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Germany, Italy and more


Please support me and my family. I have lost everything. 

When my country called, I answered! Never been arrested! I had only ever received 4 speeding tickets.

On January 6, 2021 – My friend called me, “Bro, your country needs you! Meet me at the capital January 6. As Always – with my eyes did I see, the beating death of Rosanna Boyland. No, how can this be? Because it’s on video! Wanna know more? Demand the release of All on videos! 

Since my face was on posted on America’s Most Wanted, I received a call from my job: “Hey Jeff, can you come to the office in DC and bring your government passport.” “Yeah, we are going to need you to clean out your desk. Yeah, and maybe box up your dead plants, with your High School trophies and Yeah, Take a break for a while. Home for some time. Yeah, thanks for showing up today.”

FBI: I called and turned myself in January 11, 2021

Hired attorney – January 10, 2021 – told to show up March 16 at FBI HQ

I became America’s most wanted #215. Judge Nichols, “Mr. McKellop, You’re the worst thing this country has ever seen, Bond Denied” 

FBI crashed my house while I was in the Correctional Treatment Facility-DC. (CTF-DC). FBI left both my broken house door and garage door wide open. One-week later, snow and rain entered my home.

In one day, my ex was notified of my absence. She cleaned out my home. She obtained a document too: Buy, sell, trade, start, stop anything in my name: Guess what happened….

2019 4 runner (Gone); Specialize Roubaix carbon fiber road bike (Gone); Clothes (Gone); Home put up for rent; IRA (Gone); My retirement and disability monthly check (spent). All my I.D. passport old credit cards (maxed and destroyed) - Thank you Governor of Colorado.

In the CTF-DC, I have been on 23/1 Lock down, handcuffed with leg irons. I’ve been dragged down the halls and subjected to unbelievable cruel and hateful treatment.

I need your help. I love and miss my children dearly. I have always been there for my country. Please consider helping me during this unimaginably difficult time.

My name is Jeff McKellop. I am a Political Prisoner in My Own Country.

What will you do when they come for you?

Written from his letters from his jail cell. Names and other information redacted to protect people. Lydia Sorrow is helping run the campaign with help of his best friend, Scott.

Jeffrey McKellop #376887

Correctional Treatment Facility DC-CTF

1901 D. St. SE

Washington, DC 20003 


Jeff updates us on his Legal Journey
September 26, 2023
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"Patriot Freedom Project (PFP) has reached an end for me.

They no longer have attorney's left in the pool of legal teams to support me. PFP has been an awesome supporter throughout my journey by providing me with, Legal fees (all of them) offering money to my family as well as donating money to my Commissary. PFP (Cindy H.) has been very helpful and supportive throughout the entire process. When asked for legal help, they stepped forward and produced John Kiyonaga (JK), without hesitation.

I only ask a couple of items when dealing with my life. Tell me the truth, tell me what you can do, then do it, and most of all! Don't lie about your actions.

JK was running me along the entire time. Working with the prosecution the entire time behind my back, on a crappy plea deal that would have left me in prison for the next 8-12 years. Never once did he look at any evidence and had no idea what the case was every time we met. I had nowhere to go but stick with him. I was told he's the best, and a bulldog in the court room. Every meeting was as if it was the first. Falling asleep during sessions, arguing in court about my dental work. On and on. Then have the nack to ask me for another 20K!? Just to get us over the next . Talked my friend into closing out my GSG meant for my children. Scott gave JK 10-15K. JK didn't say a word about the entire transaction. Just kept asking for money. Turning PFP into a cash machine. JK: " yeah Jeff, I'm working all night on this. Look how much paperwork I've done! Look at that stack! It's so big!" ? This guy would fall asleep during our meetings!!

Now I have J. Bright, P Linder, B.Shipley. They came highly recommended. - PFP has fronted the money with them as well. - I've been calling and demanding a meeting. I've been moved to a Mental Evaluation Facility for an evaluation to see If I'm stable enough to attend court. Wow... I'm still here. Where's the hard-core legal team? Whose office is 40 Miles from this facility? I was told this is one of many visits, " Where going to get to the bottom of this and look at all the video Jeff. We're going to find the missing man on the grassy knoll!" Nothing.

I called their office so much, they cut off my phone number. I called their cell numbers. Blocked. I asked Shipley, " is going on? Where are you? Don't we have Trial soon? When is the date? Where are you, there is a ton of evidence to view!"

"Well, uh, yeah, we're working on it, and there's a ton of paperwork to be done, and uh, we're stacked with, you know, legal stuff, and How are you doing Jeff? How's the food? Do you get to go outside?"

I've had three visits from the "Hard Core Legal Team". First: Was a meet and greet. Second: They read to me the very same print out of my evaluation two weeks after I arrived here. The Third: We finally looked at videos and started going over the facts. Then he (James Bright) started looking at his watch. As fast as the meeting started. It was over. Never to be heard from again.

I'm looking into another attorney. PFP has been awesome in every way, but they can't go any further with me. It's going to have to come from my pocket. I'm going to beg and plea to get someone to come on board. I spoke with Brian Ochoa. He's a Christian and at least tells the truth. I’m going to speak with him this week to see what we can work out. I hate to say it. I stand alone.

Everyone has been so supportive, with gifts and donations. I wish I could look you in the eyes and shake your hands. Thank you so much.

Jeff Mckellop (Political Prisoner)

Thank you, Patriots! A Powerful Message from Jeff
September 17, 2023
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  To one an all: 9/11/23 9:21 am

     I would like to thank you for standing beside me! I want you to know, how much I owe you in these dark times. I render a ridged salute each and every one of you.

    I want to thank every American out that that's helped me! Large or Small. The effort that you're putting forward is so helpful to myself and my children. Tears fill my eyes when I think about the debt that I owe you. A dept. that I would gladly pay tenfold. If you ever call me, I will be there.

   Few have stepped forward to accept the challenge and be recognized as true Americans. When the call came out, you stood to the challenge. I can proudly say, When I stand the wall to protect those who sleep peacefully at night. You're right beside me. We stand the wall of freedom. Thank you, my brothers and sisters.

  This journey's been a realization for me that America isn't what people think it is. I was blind but now I see.

   We're in the fight of our lives. This administration has taken us back to 1700's-1800's to the separation of the colonists. Our founding fathers seeking a better way of life from the oppression that bound them. This administration wants nothing more than to reenact the totalitarianism and oppressive behavior England once held over its peoples.

 There are forces at work as we speak (Evil Forces) doing everything they can to destroy what our founding fathers built and died for. Colonials have given their lives to obtain! Because they saw the future of their people. These forces will never sleep, never tire, never yield. They will burn everything thing to the ground, with nothing left standing, and say, " Look! We won!" They don't care. They never will. If we don't stand together and regain what is lost? IT will all be gone. Nobody to blame but ourselves for allowing it to happen. Voting isn't the only thing we need to do. " Oh, well, I'll just vote better next time." There won't be a next time.

  The hand of reality is slapping you. Back and forth, back and forth. What will you do, when they come for you?

  Max love to you all.

  My name is Jeff Mckellop, Proud father of Davis and Paige. I am a political Prisoner.

Powerful 9/11 Message from Jeff
September 11, 2023
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 To one an all:

     This day 22-yrs ago. I was in Nigeria, the small town of Birnikibi. We were training Nigerian soldiers. We watched the Twin Towers fall on local Television. I cried, I wept, like a child. I wanted to pull my teeth out I didn't know what to do. I left the tent and started running across open fields. I stopped. Sweat running down my face catching my breath.

 Like a bullet hitting me in the face. I realized what I was designed to do. I realized what GOD has put me on this planet for.

  Three months later we (ODA394) were on a C17 Globe Master headed for Kandahar Afghanistan. I spent the first part of the Great War leap frogging mountain tops calling air strikes on savages far below. So cold, so high up, 10-13Kft. Snow waist deep. Inside my sleeping bag, wedged between rocks, waiting like a spider for my friends to arrive. We watched our planned targets load weapons and munitions into the backs of truck near a small village. Dogs running around, chickens, multiple vehicles, boxes, garbage, hay, small stable for goats. Their getting ready to attack innocents. Laughing as they loaded heavy machine guns, bombs and supplies. We spotted them far below and lazed the target. Launched from a B52 over 20Kft above the planet. I will Never, forget the roar of the 500lbs guided munitions as it screams overhead between the mountain tops headed for its final target. With a blinding flash. It's over and there is nothing left. They're not laughing any more.

  Thank you, America, for all that you have done for this world. I will never forget you.

   My name is Jeff Mckellop, Proud Father of Davis and Paige. (RET) US Army Special Forces, ODA394,396.

  I am a Political Prisoner.

Message from Jeff
September 9, 2023
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To one and all:

When will America wake up? The communist boot is just about on your neck. When will you stand up for yourselves? This administration is doing everything it can to enslave the American Population and you stand by and watch with your thumb up your six! "Oh, I'll just vote better next time, I'll show them with my vote, my love for humanity and our feel-good status of smiles and Unicorns. I'll tell my neighbor to vote better, then we'll fall to the ground in a huge hug for solidarity."

There won’t be a next time! There won’t be anymore feel-good hugs to make it better! You're standing poised to lose it all in the blink of an eye. The hand of reality is Bi$% Slapping you. Don't wait any longer! The time is now.

  Better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.

 Jeff Mckellop Political Prisoner.

Message from Jeff
August 27, 2023
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My next Cowboy logic briefing airs this weekend. I don't want to sound like a sissy, or a psycho.

I'm going to start talking about why I repeat myself. I do this to irritate people. I want America to stand up and get pissed! I want people to wake up and take a stand for freedom.

It's almost over! If we don't do something now? As of right now! Especially when this mask mandate is coming out.

America is going to settle for nothing. When later comes? It'll be too late to act. America will take a knee in unity for the mask, that'll be their undoing. They'll kneel before the chains of their masters.

As always and forever!

It's better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.

What will you do when they come for you.

   Jeff Mckellop. De Oppresso Libre!

The Video - Must Watch
August 19, 2023
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Must Watch - Jeff's Interview with Cowboy Logic
August 19, 2023
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Please listen to Jeff's powerful interview with Cowboy Logic broadcasted on 8/18/23. Please support Jeff anyway that you can. God Bless You All.

Catch Tuesday Night (part 2) when we appeared with Tommy Tatum at The America First Warehouse J6 Special Event!

BONUS: While we were live, our J6 Brother Jeff McKellop called in from Prison!! You do NOT want to miss his interview!!





Hold on to your Hats
August 12, 2023
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Jeff called today, to let me know he will be doing a new interview with Cowboy Logic this coming week. Hold on to your hats. Jeff has a lot to say.

If you are wanting to mail Jeff letters and books, please check with the Patriot Mail Project and/or for his current address. He is currently in Texas but could be moved any day. Please Keep him in your prayers. 

Jeffery McKellop, #35220-509 

FMC Fort Worth

Federal Medical Center

P.O. Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX 76119

The Waiting Game
August 8, 2023
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Jeff has a new lawyer, Bill Shipley. Bill Shipley has not had a good track record with his J6 cases, hopefully things will improve with Jeff's case. Jeff had a status hearing recently and it looks as if Jeff may have a trial date (nothing is set yet) for late August or September. Prayers Needed!

I am happy to tell you, that Jeff got to see his beautiful children again this past weekend. Jeff is in good spirits, and he is hoping to help the children with their school expenses. If you can help that would be wonderful and Thank You! His son goes off to college this fall and his daughter to High School.

It is not known how long the system will keep Jeff in Texas or where he will go when they do decide to move him.

Please keep Jeff and his children in your prayers!

Thank you and God Bless each and every one of you.

Update #32 - How Jeff is doing.
July 13, 2023
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Jeff Update:

I have received several calls from Jeff over the last few weeks. 

When asked how his birthday was, Jeff's response, "Great, I did not get stabbed!"

Well, Thanks be to God that did not happen. In general, his spirits seem optimistic. He is greatly enjoying the books and letters he has received from the many wonderful patriots. Thank you. 

Jeff is frustrated by the lack of legal response from his lawyers. As of my last call, he had not heard from them. The law firm is located in the Dallas, TX area. This is unacceptable. 

Jeff is waiting to be transferred out of his current location. No idea when this will happen or where he will land. 

Please keep Jeff and his children in your thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

Happy Birthday, Jeff! Happy Father’s Day
June 17, 2023
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Please join me in wishing Jeff a Happy Birthday. His birthday is Saturday, June 17th. 

And a Happy Father’s Day! 

For those of you that know Jeff’s story and for new patriots just joining, Jeff’s love for his children is the fuel that keeps him going. Through it all, Jeff has kept his children his driving force each day. Every letter always ended with “Call my children! Tell them the Truth! Tell them I Love Them!”

By the Grace of God, I am happy to report that, after not seeing his children for over two years, they were reunited again this past weekend. What a beautiful and wonderful Father’s Day Gift and Birthday Gift for Jeff.

Please join me in praying that Jeff is released soon, his Freedoms restored and he is permanently reunited with his children! 



Message to America
May 29, 2023
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To America!

It's better to die on your feet than to live on your knees! I will not apologize in the face of my children. I will not take the knee to save my life. Not when I know the truth! As always, my name is Jeff McKellop, father to Davis and Paige. Retired US Army Special Forces Oda 394 and 396.

I am a political prisoner!

This message was sent in a letter that Tim Rivers received from Jeff this month. Jeff is still working on trying to see his children. He has not spoken to his lawyers since I last talked to him. 

Jeff is at least enjoying a much needed break from the DC jail. The food is better and he also has more time to enjoy the outdoor area. 

Please pray for him and his children.

God Bless. 

Jeff is in Texas.
May 4, 2023
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The courts have delayed Jeff's trial and have sent him to Texas for a 30–90-day evaluation. 

Please write to Jeff and send him some love. Please keep Jeff and his children in your prayers.

Jeffrey McKellop, #35220-509

FMC Fort Worth

Federal Medical Center

P.O. Box 15330

Fort Worth, TX 76119

On the Move
May 1, 2023
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Jeff was moved out of the DC Gulag on the morning of April 24, 2023. My understanding is that he is on his way to a facility in Texas. Jeff is still awaiting trial. I will update the site when I have more information. Please keep Jeff and his children in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you. 

Survival and Life Skills
April 17, 2023
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Jeff: "I teach my children to survival camp every place we go. They love it! I taught my children how to find "Fat Wood\ Lighter knot. Find and be able to make fire in the snow, rain. We make our own shelters out of fallen trees and whatever debris we find. We have a Ferrell Rod we bring with us instead of matches and a lighter. If your shit gets wet, you can still make fire. We've been in some pretty cold times camping. Miss my children. This fxxxing government took me away from my kids"

"Never hide! Movement is Life! Stay Alert! Stay Motivated! Always do something NEW EVERY DAY! Find Like-Minded People!

Survival and Life Skills
April 17, 2023
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Jeff and I got into a discussion about survival, bug-out bags and other survival needs for the times we are in. Here is a sample of some of this Veteran Army Rangers badass advice while he is seating in the DC Gulag.Jeff: "I teach my children to survival camp every place we go. They love it! I taught my children how to find "Fat Wood\ Lighterknot. Find and be able to make fire in the snow, rain. We make our own shelters out of fallen trees and whatever debris we find. We have a Ferrell Rod we bring with us instead of matches and a lighter. If your shit gets wet, you can still make fire. We've been in some pretty cold times camping. Miss my children. This fxxxing government took me away from my kids."Jeff: "Soooo, the explanation about where to hide? Never hide. Movement is life. Stay alert, Stay motivated, always do something new everyday, find like minded people. No military coming to save us anymore. They're too woke, their hands will be tied, they will be prosecuted to the fullest extent if they disobey. The military will be used as marshals. Can you say, " Marshal Law?"

Time for Action: New Message from Jeff from the DC Gulag
April 7, 2023
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Time for Action: 

"The hand of reality is bitch slapping you. How much more will you take before you stand up for your own life?

Wanna know what the modern day zombie will look like once Hyper inflation hits?

The people who can't get their medication keeping them straight. What happens to them when it's cut off?

The people that came across the border who can't feed their family of ten. How will they find food, water, shelter?

The Gang members (Crips, Bloods, MS13, ZATAS, Chinese Triads, underlying gangs) will now become organized and more violent.

Local law enforcement won't come to work.

Duty now for the future! This country can't take another year of this. I just want out to be able to see my children again.

2-1\2 years now."

My name is Jeffrey McKellop, Father of Davis and Paige. (Ret) US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES ODA 394&396.

I am a political prisoner. DE OPPRESSO LIBRE!

Time for Action: New Message from Jeff from the DC Gulag
April 7, 2023
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Time for Action: 

"The hand of reality is bitch slapping you. How much more will you take before you stand up for your own life?

Wanna know what the modern day zombie will look like once Hyper inflation hits?

The people who can't get their medication keeping them straight. What happens to them when it's cut off?

The people that came across the border who can't feed their family of ten. How will they find food, water, shelter?

The Gang members (Crips, Bloods, MS13, ZATAS, Chinese Triads, underlying gangs) will now become organized and more violent.

Local law enforcement won't come to work.

Duty now for the future! This country can't take another year of this. I just want out to be able to see my children again.

2-1\2 years now."

My name is Jeffrey McKellop, Father of Davis and Paige. (Ret) US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES ODA 394&396.

I am a political prisoner. DE OPPRESSO LIBRE!

Message to America from Jeff from the DC Gulags
March 24, 2023
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America!  It's up to you to pull us out of this. It's time!  You may not be young, but you can help those that need it. I can't do it anymore. It's up to you! Look left, look right! We are brothers and sisters in this together. Help us help each other! It's all for our children!

Thank you! Thank all of you!! De Oppressor Libre!

Jeff McKellop, I am a Political Prisoner in my own Country. 

I will STAND Before them ALL and tell the TRUTH!

Message to America from Jeff from the DC Gulags
March 24, 2023
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America!  It's up to you to pull us out of this. It's time!  You may not be young, but you can help those that need it. I can't do it anymore. It's up to you! Look left, look right! We are brothers and sisters in this together. Help us help each other! It's all for our children!

Thank you! Thank all of you!! De Oppressor Libre!

Jeff McKellop, I am a Political Prisoner in my own Country. 

I will STAND Before them ALL and tell the TRUTH!

Jeff's Message to America from the DC Gulags
March 14, 2023
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To America! Max love to one and all! We will see who stands by the Flag and who stands for Biden. I'm calling you out! Hear my words in a few. Give you something to look forward to. De Oppresso Libre! 

DC Gulag Political Prisoners Sings a #1 Song
March 11, 2023
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“Justice For All” single performed by the J6ers in C2b and President Trump was formerly released today! In a few hours, it has reached #1 on iTunes/Apple Music Charts. 

Jeff and his fellow Political Prisoners are extremely proud and excited. They have something to smile about. MTG is also planning a visit. Keep them in prayer, always!

A limited copy of vinyl 45 are available. Please download your copy of the single from any of the music streaming platforms and visit the official website:

Cowboy Logic Interview and Early in the DC Gulag from 2021
February 25, 2023
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Jeff's interview with Cowboy Logic (on Rumble) will air Sunday, February 26, 2023. Please watch it.

As always: Jeff wants his children to know that: He Loves Them! He Misses Them! And He wants them to know the Truth. 

I found a letter Jeff wrote to me dated September 29, 2021. The letter is powerful in that it explains what he went through and the conditions at the jail during the first 9-10 months of his ordeal. The jail is still causing issues for the Political Patriots. Please keep them and their families in your thoughts and prayers. 

Mrs. Sorrow,                                                                                                                 Sept. 29, 2021

Thank you for your wonderful letter. I try to answer as many letters as possible, Now, let me bring you up to speed:

My name is Jeffrey McKellop. I am a Political Prisoner in my Own Country. High School Grad 1983-Chico state Buite Community College (Got Bored with School, LOL!)

Basic Training 1987 – Airborne Training and Rangers 2nd Special Forces selection 1995 – Graduate Special Forces Training 1999 (was injured during training). 3rd GRP ODA 394-396 ODA-Operations Detachment Alpha.

Married, Two awesome, beautiful children.

Combat: Bosnia, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa, Germany, Italy, on and on.

Never Been Arrested!

Retired from army 2009. Contractor for state and agency. 10-years training others and deploy to Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa on and on.

Going through rough times with my relationship with my wife resulting in permanent separation. I lived in VA/Her in CO. My friend asked if I wanted to go to a rainy …………..My life changed forever!

Since my face was on America’s Most Wanted! Job: “Hey Jeff, can you come to the office in DC and bring your Government Passport?”, “Yeah,,,,we are going to need you to clean out your desk. Yeah,,,, and maybe, box your dead plants, with your high school trophies and yeah…..Take a break for a while at home for some time…..Yeah, thanks for showing up today.”

The Beginning:

  • 1. FBI: I called and turned myself in January 11th
  • 2. Hired Attorney January 10th – told to show up March 16th at FBI HQ
  • 3. FBI: Crashed my house while I was in the CTF-DC
  • 4. FBI: Left my broken door open and garage.
  • 5. One week later: Snow and rain entered my home.
  • 6. My One-day EX was notified of my absence.
  • 7. Sara – Cleaned out my home. She obtained a document too: Buy, Sell, Trade, Start, Stop, Anything in my name. Guess what happened….2019 4 runner (Gone); Specialize Roubaix Carbon Fiber Road Bike (Gone); Clothes (Gone); Home put up for rent; IRA’s (Gone), my retirement and disability monthly check (spent) $3500 a month. All my I.D. Passport, DLC, Credit Cards (maxed and destroyed) – Thank you Governor of Colorado!

Life in the Gulag

  • 23/1 Lockdown, Handcuffed with leg irons. I have been dragged down the halls with other inmates roaming freely. “Fuck you White-Boy, I’ll Beat your white ass”, on and on.
  • There is a paper that circulates here, passed out by the Chaplin – “Criterion, Final Call” by Louis Farrakhan. This facility is 98% Black. This paper promotes white hate, radical Islam, Anti-America, on and on. Get your copy today. This paper is the driving force behind our treatment, no kidding.
  • Guards: Come to our cell block looking for trouble most of the time. Mean mugged, spoken down to. From March – May they would stand hovering over our commissary every week. They were trying to extort food from us for special favors (weed, phones, needles, knives, K-2, anything)
  • Packed into our cell block 5-8, put us into our cell block, lock down for another 50+ hours. They would pack into the T.V. Room and sleep all afternoon. Claim overtime on their paycheck and boast about it.
  • Guards: Armstrong, Abdullah, Franklin, Cabbagestock, Taylor, Holmes, Brown, Adams, Dillion, Hayes, Swami, Kogi, Lt. Lancaster, Alexander, Lt. Bruce, Hauser on and on
  • Guards don’t like you, not an issue, you get locked in your cell for 50+ hours.
  • We have filled out grievance’s countless times! We are met with, pulled out of our cells, told to sit down and listen. Bitched at about how Good we have it, we should be lucky. They're only responsibility as guards is to stop us from killing one another, stop us from raping each other, on and on. I am certain these fools possess a 3rd grade education. Anyway, the large ones standing around our food trays for lunch and dinner drooling.
  • Our food: Smashed, crushed, cold, frozen, burnt, very little portions, no greens, mixed, no nutritional value what-so-ever.
  • On and on, we complain, write the chain of command about the lack of nutritional value. There has been a change to the menu, we now get beverage packs with phenylalanine, no milk, coffee pack. One soy flavor meat disk burnt chicken patty, on and one. Once again, I write to the chain of command.

Okay back on topic: I have been treated like a dog, hog, beast, handcuffed with leg irons, every time guards come in here, they are ready to fight! WHY?

“The Criterion, Final Call” by Louis Farrakhan, pick up your copy today. It’s $2.00 per copy the taxpayers pick up. This paper is the driving force to our treatment. Radical Islam, Race Hate, Denouncing America on and on.

We need help. We need our side pressured. You can call my friend of 25-years: xxxxxxxx. He is setting up a “Give/Send/Go” for me. Going to need that when I’m house arrest. Call my Uncle xxxxxx. He is watching over what’s left until I get out. He is a good man. Call my Children! Tell them the Truth, I miss and love them.

Armor of God! 

Massage-in a Bottle!

Thank you,


No One is Coming! They Know we know the TRUTH!
February 3, 2023
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Jeff McKellop message on 1-15-23 

There isn't anyone coming for rescue. I can't find anyone to look at the videos. Every time I ask them what they saw, they always make up some shit, change the subject. The meeting ends with lame garbage, oh Jeff you look good hang in there, you'll be out soon. On and on. No one is coming, since I'm facing 10-15 yes, I might as well go out fighting. I will talk to anyone that will listen.

We work like a legal team in here. There isn't a square inch of the capitol we haven't seen. We have narrowed down the searching. We have; Names of MPD Officers working with undercover agents, men in the crowd with two/way communication ear buds, actors getting together to cause more chaos. Yellow team, Red team, Yellow Guide on team, Orange hat teams. It keeps going! You have to slow the video down and look for oddities. Follow those people looking for others. Once you find one? You find them all. Because you know what to look for! On and on. Judge Nichols." Mr. Mckellop, Your the worse thing this country has ever seen. Bond denied. "

He was speaking with the prosecution: " It doesn't matter what anyone says, He's not going anywhere." That's a life sentence. Never to see my children again.

. Action talks, bull shit walks.

Overhead camera! 0180, shows MPD involvement, undercover agent zip stripping doors closed, Under cover assets bringing gear for rioter to procure! Body armor, Helmets, night sticks. MPD dropping off equipment for others to procure. Keep watching! The camera moves left then back right!! Whoever was in the control room was manipulating the actors! On and on! Man in the rotunda! Can't open the doors, pushing from inside out. Pushing and pushing! No one around, turns waves at the camera overhead and points to the doors. Walks over and just opens the doors!!! Weapons in the crowd! MPD completely out of control! Instigating violence! On and on

No one is coming! They know we know the truth!

We turn a blind eye to the truth, so we don't have to watch it die.

Fishing story and lawyer issues
January 29, 2023
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I asked Jeff to explain the attached picture. What was the story behind it? Here is Jeff's response:

"I was with my son Davis, North of Wilmington on a Pier. Our fishing luck sucked that day, so we hooked a couple of small fish through the dorsal fin and let them swim around. Fish give off a signal indicating stress or panic. Draws other predator fish. My son and I noticed my line was swimming in a weird angle. I reeled in slowly and it took off! I was fighting the largest Sea Trout of my life. It took 20seconds before a huge shark attacked the trout and headed out to sea. The Trout head was spit out, and that's the result.

I gave Kyanaga the boot last night. He shows up with paperwork he claimed he submitted some time ago and can seems to get a response from the government. The douche bag filed on the 19th, same day he came to see me. He hasn't filed crap! He keeps claiming the government is stone walling him. He was working with the government this entire time! I showed him the federal involvement as well as MPD actors! " Oh I don't know Jeff, what am I looking at here?". Freaking really!!!! Its MPD dropping off weapons to protestors!!! Jesus Christ!

More later!"

Jeff has hired a new lawyer. Please keep him in your prayers!

Jeff's Court Date Approaches
January 20, 2023
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Jeff's court date is in a few weeks. Please pray for him. Please also call and write your congressman to demand the release of the J6ers. Please see the following Press Release:

We the People Convention

Press Release

Monday, January 16, 2023

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistoski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We The People Convention (WTPC) announced that Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan, committed on the Bob Frantz radio show this morning that his committee would look into bringing January 6th Political Prisoners and/or their family members in to testify to Congress about the disparate mistreatment that they have endured over the past two years. Jordan’s commitment came in response to a letter from Ohio Patriot Group Leaders.

Zawistowski, wrote the letter to Jordan on December 9, 2022, which was co-signed by 25 leaders in Ohio, to bring the plight of these citizens to the attention of the American people who have been intentionally kept in the dark about the injustices that have been committed upon them by the Biden Administration’s DOJ, FBI and the Federal Courts.

In the letter Zawistowski said “It is our belief that NO TRUE AMERICA would support the abuse of these citizens for purely political reasons – if they knew about what has actually happened! The vast majority of Americans have NO IDEA people like themselves have been treated so unjustly over the past two years. You can talk about them in your Committee hearings, but we believe having them tell their stories will outrage ALL AMERICANS – regardless of political affiliation or what they think happened on January 6th, by exposing the public to the inhumanity committed in their names by their government. Through this testimony, we believe that you can make the general public understand how corrupt this administration, and the media are, and how the loss of the rule of law threatens not only our Republic but them personally.”

Message from Jeff
January 6, 2023
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Jeff did an interview on Cowboy Logic which airs on RAV and Rumble on Sunday Mornings. Look for Cowboy Logic on the web. Please support Jeff any way that you can!

Here is a resent message I received from Jeff on January 4th. I had asked him for interview information, and I told him I was doing the 3-day fast that Archbishop Vigano called the faithful to do on January 3, 4, and 5th. in honor of the J6 Political prisoners.

Jeff's reply:

I'm not sure what information you need.  I don't know the people, I was invited by a fellow patriot to give a statement.  Turned into a rant. Try Tim Rivers, he knows some of those people. (See details above)

We're getting some important people tomorrow.  I'm hoping for Congressmen or women. :-)  I have a few things I want to say.

   Our cell block has been a fury of workers updating our information board (the last time it was updated was 2017), fixing doors, checking for mold, and fixed my tile floor.  My cell has been w/o half the tiles the entire time I've been here.

My attorney came by yesterday to make me feel bad for all the work he's done for me.  Passed off a pile of paperwork for me to read. Told me he worked hard on it.  More likely cut and pasted someone else's work. Douche bag knew he was going to take the plea deal from the start.  He was pressing me pretty hard on taking it. You don't press a person that hard. Fucker! Wanted 20K more to take the plea deal.  Told me he was viewing the evidence, was looking at all the videos. Couldn't get the name of the Capt who's suing me for a million bucks. Told me he couldn't find the video. Lies!

 Oh what a tangled web we weave when we start to lie and deceive.

I lost 25lbs over a couple of months. Ranger school goes in phases. In between phases, you bulk up for the next round of punishment. 72 days total. If you don't recycle. :-)  Max love, hang in there!  

Message From the DC Gulag
December 19, 2022
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Jeff has sent Tim Rivers an update and Tim has allowed me to share. God Help and Protect Jeff and his family. Please find it in your heart to support Jeff!

Merry Christmas to you all!

Furious Tim here

If you have read Jeff's messages or letters before, or listened to his interviews in our interview library, you will know who he is and what he stands for. If this is your first time getting a message from JEFF < PAY ATTENTION! 

He does not Mince or Waste words. Jeff is a thrice decorated for valor (that we know of), 32-years of service Special Forces Veteran who has never run afoul of the law in his entire life and decades of service to this country. He has been in Jail in D.C., pretrial, for approaching TWO YEARS NOW! Jeff is speaking to YOU through his messages and letters to us. You Need to Pay Attention because his message is dire and a call to WAKE THE HECK UP - Read his messages and try to put yourself in his shoes; a Father, A Ranger, A Green beret, and an American Hero, caged and beaten like a dog to prove a political agenda by a corrupt DOJ.

You should be FURIOUS, as I am, at this treatment and violation of rights and desecration of an American Hero and what he stands for. Read, Listen and DO SOMETHING! 

December 13, 2022 at 18:07 EST

Power of the pen!!! Thanks for the funding! To one and all!

I want to thank every American for their support! This time of year, of reflection, wholesome family support and thanking our Savior for the greatest gift ever.

When Moses stood atop Mount Sinai, he was approached by GOD Himself, He asked who he was. GOD simple responded, "I AM".

That's so powerful!

The magnitude of our nation is so great it can't be measured. When you travel this season, other nations, its people, will ask if you are an American? You respond, "I am".

I miss my family so much. This government won't allow me to see or touch my family. Consistently putting the boot onto the back of my neck. Covid, and the mask are the only excuses they can muster. No photos, no mail, thank the FBI for that

The Truth Needs to Come Out!!!

My name is Jeff Mckellop, Father of Davis and Paige. I am a political prisoner. De Oppesso Libre!

A True Story of a True Warrior
December 6, 2022
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Continued from Jeff's Press Release: 

2001 September 11 – Nigeria watching T.V. in Berninkebe. We watched as people drove airplanes into our! Buildings! M.F. Must Pay!

Over 3000 people lost their lives in an hour! I went back to my tent and cried! I laid there thinking about what I could do to help. Tony, my bad ass team Sergeant. We are going to war. Pack your shit. “We are going back home and then deploy. “

January 2002 Afghanistan – I had figured out what I was good at, High Mountain Adventures! So Cold! Snow so Deep! I don’t care! I see them far below in the valley! Don, my T.A.C.P (Tactical Air Control Personnel) and I climbed high into the snow line. We see them far below. Call air strikes. Run M.F. Run! Snow is so deep, so cold. I don’t care, I show no mercy whatsoever. Village to village house to house. I’m coming for you. I volunteered for everything.

2003- Iraq – We staged in Cypress. Flew through Jorden into Northern Iraq. Hit the ground running! We’re coming for you! Mosul, Kirkut, Erbil, Tal afar on and on. We don’t stop a roller ball of death. I leave nothing but burning buildings and crying women. I don’t care. 9-11 M.F!

2004-Afghanistan! Helmen, Marjha, Kandahar. Gardez, Asadabad, Pakistan. I see you! I feel no pain! I’m coming for you M.F. Begging for mercy, I have none!

2005-06 Iraq – Back and forth. Tal afar and Mosul. Foreign fighters from all over the place to kill me. They try to take me out! I evaded ubied sniper fire, rockets, nothing, nothing can stop me! They run through the streets carrying small children as shields. Just shoot their legs. I see you! I’m coming! No Fear! The Heat! The Sun! Tracers coming so close you can tough them. So close to me the shrapnel covers my vehicle. I can’t stop. Keep Moving! Never Quit! No Mercy! No Quitter, I’m coming!

2006 – My wife Sara talked me into a teaching job. Ended my tours overseas. I went to special warfare training group to help train new special forces soldiers.

2010 – Retired from U.S. Army Special Forces. What will I do now? I know, I’ll work as “High Threat Mobil Security for the State and Agency. Hell Yes, working with bad m.f.

 When my country called, I answered! Never been arrested, Four speeding tickets.

Honor This Veteran!
November 13, 2022
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From Jeff's Letter for his press release March 2022

In 1986, Walking around downtown Chico CA. my girlfriend Adrien (Beautiful woman) eating ice cream walking around. Passing by the army recruiter’s office. On T.V. (Betamax) some bad ass rangers, all camouflaged paddling down some filth river. “Wow! That looks cool!” 

By November, I was sitting in Liberal psychology, Professor speaking about how cool it would be to be picking rice for the government. My ADHD kicked in really hard, stood up, walked out of class, leaving my books, bag, lunch, bicycle, girlfriend, apartment and pizza job.

Next summer I was in Basic training Ft. Jackson, S.C. – Hot, Bugs, Sand, and a shit ton of yelling. I was like “WOW! This is fun! Get Paid to Camp out!” 

By 1988 – I was stationed in 1st Duty Station Korea 2/503 rd Camp Hovey My company commander Capt. Kidd. “Put McKellop. Your ass needs to go to Ranger School”. “What’s that, Sir?”

1989 December – Re-Enlisted for Airborne Ranger BN. Just missed Panama by a week. Assigned to 2nd Ranger Bal. “Wow! This was cool!” Hanging out with some bad ass dudes!

1991 December – I meet a woman who talked me into getting out of the military and finishing my degree. “Uh, Ok, Because I wanted to be smarter than before.”  Listening to a girlfriend is a super bad idea!

1993 – Re-enlisted back into the military. Hell Yes, Baumholder, Germany Infantry Medic. Changed job, I felt learning and trade was the best deal. On and on. There was something all the while there in the back of my mind, a blank space to be filled. I needed to be better than the normal infantry man.

On a rifle range late summer 1994 10th special forces guys came out. I started a conversation with one guy, a medic. Bla, Bla on and on. I was like! F Yes! Green Berets! I’ll try it! What do I have to lose? I started training, like hard core. 

1995 April – May, Fort Bragg, NC Special Forces Selection. 300 Bad Ass dudes started I was 1-50 that finished! Freaking crushing Dudes! Herniated my L4-L5, stress fractured my right metatarsal. I can’t stop! It felt so good! It felt so right! I had found people that were like my broken home, lost, the need for a brother that will stick with you no matter what!

1998 – Healed and went to “Qualification Course” Hell, Yes! I was assigned to 3 special force groups. N.C ODA 394 F Yes! Green Beret! 

to be continued....

Jeffrey is out of Solitary Confinement
October 25, 2022
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Thanks Be to GOD! Jeffrey is out of The Hole in the DC Gulag.

I will update again soon with more details.

Keep Praying for Jeffrey!

Still in the Hole - Call to Action and 3-Updates from Jeff
October 20, 2022
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Call to Action:

Jeffrey is still in the Hole. The prison has not told him the reason why.

Call the US Marshals Service at (703) 740-8400, (202)-353-0653 and (703)-740-8132

Email: and file a complaint. Submit form does not work, so save completed form and email to

Jeffrey McKellop #376887 Correctional Treatment Facility- DC-CTF

"The Hole". Day 5 – October 15, 2022

I miss my children so much!

The truth will set me free. " His faithfulness to me will be my fortress and my ramparts”.

Call my children. Tell them the truth. Tell them I love them.

"The Hole". Day 7 – October 17,2022

Still no shower, my lymph node is massive! again! Larger than the last time. I'm taking the last ten doses of Amoxicillin 500mg. Two guards came to my cell this morning. I asked one if there was a shower in my future, and I need to see a medic. What a xxxx joke! ". Oh, there's a nurse that comes around, knocks on doors." " You can put in a sick call slip."

Exactly when is that supposed to happen? I've been locked in this room for seven days! One guard just walked away; no words just left.

"The Hole" Day 9 – October 19, 2022

Today "Housing" arrives to listen to my appeal for releasing me back to C2B. I have to present a case, then it gets passed off to the warden for approval. No witnesses, no documentation, nothing. Just state a case and hopefully I get returned.! That’s amazing.

I can't understand why people feel I'm the root to their issues, all their problems, and every action they commit? Blame is cast on me for slavery, or because of the white man. Their being held back.

I asked another white shirt why I was here. (As if the act of standing was too great a challenge.) " Uh, I Don't know. I'll go check.". Never came back.

The commissary worker (Muslim female) brought my bag of crap to my door. Just before she arrived, I heard her explain to her coworker how she hates white people. " I can't stand these white people, their all f. up." Not another word spoken. Opened my slot to the door, started literally cramming & stuffing the entire bag through the slot. Crushed food. No issue. (I just sprinkle the chip dust into my mouth). Looking me dead in the eye, the entire time, mean mugging me. The hate this establishment breeds is unmeasurable! -Jeff

October 14, 2022
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JEFF MCKELLOP                                                         10/14/22

"The Hole.". Three-day increments. 1hr. Out of cell for recreation, (I go to a cell twice the size of the one I'm in, no equipment to work out, water, or seat. Just stand there. I'm not doing it anymore, its depressing.) I shower, go back to my 9x8, three days in 24hr isolation, no contact, no one to speak with except when the door opens for food distribution. Repeat. I get the tablet once-in-a-while. Marshals came to speak with me two days ago. Asked me why I was here. I explained the process from which I was brought here. " Oh, that sucks. I'll look into it." Hasn't come back. Thank you for the food. I’m Not sure how long I'll be here.


Wake UP AMERICA! Still in the HOLE
October 11, 2022
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JEFF MCKELLOP                                                                                                       10/10/22

America needs to wake up! Like yesterday! Thank you so much for the food. Remember to take care of yourself first. Thank you and all you do!
I have a mouse that comes around at night. Feed him some crackers and cereal. I wear socks and shoes all the time. I don't want my feet touching this floor! Holy crap! I just pointed out to the guard about the floor. Nothing registers to this group. This place is no joke with stupidity. Every question I ask, is met with, " I don't know, I'll find out." They never come back. Shocking. I told the guard. " Do you realize how stupid you sound when you answer me?". Uh, no?. There you have it. I'm trying to get in touch with my attorney. He won't look at the video's keeps telling me he's tired or doesn't have enough time. No one is asking the important questions! "Why" why did the police just stand there? Why were they told to form a line than nothing else? Who was directing the white shirts? Why didn’t they give instruction to the foot soldiers on the line? The white shirts left the foot soldiers to fend for themselves. And J6 became a huge fist fight! You had a mob fighting another mob! No control, no order! Look at it! Someone told the ranking officials to stand down and let it evolve! At 16:00, was when the orders to form a line and push people back. Why wasn't that done before? Look at the video! Police were told to stand there and form a line. Nothing else! They didn't want to give up their section of fence, regardless of if there was fighting going on around them! Like a privet told to stand guard! White shirts running around became a foot soldiers instead of dictating and organizing MPD or Capitol Police to form a line and push people back! Crisis actors and undercover police were provoking the fighting. Unreal! So! I'm still on the hole, I don't eat the food here. I'm worried that they'll put Meth, or Fentynol in it. I need to lose my gut any way. Lol! Wednesday there's some fool coming here to see if I can go back to my previous cell. Ask me some questions to understand why I'm here. Wtf? I miss my children so much. I can't call anyone from here. Reach out and make sure they're OK. Thank you for all your doing! It’s a spiritual up lifting!
Shit! Midterms need to change the course of this administration. They're prepared to give me a max sentence up to 25 years! There's a dude in here who killed two people. The government gave him 15yrs. I had a plea deal of 10-15 yrs! WTF? That it for now. More from "The Hole" later
.. -Jeff

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In "The HOLE"
October 7, 2022
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10-6-22 11:37 EST
To one and all! You will never believe what this facility has done to me. I spoke out against this facility using me to work to improve the standing for an "Accreditation Inspection." I told them, "It was slave labor and against policy to use, "Detainees" as forced labor". That didn't go over well. I now have been removed from my cell, (Shackled and cuffed) taken to what is normally called," The Hole." If I could take a photo of this, you'd puke! Human feces lines the walls, black urinal flies fill the corners of the Celine, brown liquid dried some time ago on the floor. I tried to mop it up, it came up like black ash. Burn marks litter the walls and floors where previous inmates burn paper to light K2, meth, pot, whatever. My skin is becoming wrinkled from the lack of sun light. I haven't been outside in months. The paint on the walls, snot, burn marks, jizz, urine stains, peeling. Freaking inmates are up to all hrs screaming and banging on the doors, guards bang my cell door to see if I'm dead, shine a light on my face until I move. Like a xxxxx zoo! They took half of my clothing, other guards and inmates stole half of all my food upon arrival. I have no Idea how long I'll be here. I have to ration what I have left. Everything is rummaged through by guards and trustees before I get it. Who am I going to tell? My meals are almost half. Xxxxxxx POW compound. I gave better treatment to Taliban in the Helmand Provence. Ministry of Truth is coming for you!

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If anyone can handle this crazy horror show it is our American Hero, Jeffrey Mckellop. Call the US Marshall's

202-353-0653; 703-740-8132 Jeffrey's inmate #3776887 Correctional Treatment Facility, DC-CTF

Keep the pressure on! Pray! Let's get Jeffrey out of this "HOLE".

October 5, 2022
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Call the US Marshall's and Jail Demand Jeff's Release!!

202-353-0663; 703-740-8132; 703-740-8400

🚨Update from DC Gulag🚨

October 5, 2022

Jeffrey Mckellop was taken from the unit this morning by the guards. This comes on the heels of him speaking out when the inspectors came on Monday to inspect the Patriot wing of the jail. 

Jeffrey spoke out regarding the cleaning of the unit that began over the weekend. The other men were citing the 13th amendment as he was being taken away. 

As of 1pm, Jeffrey has not been returned to the unit. While the reason he was taken is unconfirmed, the thought is that he was taken for some kind of mental health evaluation due to him speaking out about the treatment at the jail. By doing this, it could discredit the things he has previously spoken out about.  

The one of last things Jeffrey said when he was leaving was “this is retaliation” 

As soon as I get an update, I will post it. Also please share this! 

Pray for Jeffrey and all the patriots in DC Gulag! 🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

Thank you and Update
September 24, 2022
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Message from Jeffrey, received on 9/23/22 from his DC gulag.

I would like to thank everyone for helping me in our countries time of change.  I know everyone is strapped for money due to this feckless sock puppet's radical Communist agenda. I just hope there's still a free country when I get out.  If I get out?  I'm not a conspiracy theorist, nor do I follow social media or "Q".  I believe what I see.  This facility has employees that are masters of lies They continually try to trip us up, get us to confess what we're doing, or our part on J6. They portrait themselves as caring concerned people, then set you up for failure, accused me of, " Not being approachable, rude, argumentative, and the court sees me as not working with the legal system. Six weeks I tried to get dental help. They sent their brown shirts in to Isolate, intimidate, interrogate, and press me to sign and take paperwork against my will.  I now have dry socket, and 1\3morlar left. They took me to dental the other day. Cornered me in a small room, tried to make me take paperwork, sign documents against my will. " Don't you want to feel better? Don't you want the pain to stop? It all goes away when you take this. We don't understand why you don't Take the information?". 

Am I taking crazy pills? Is this SERE school? Holy crap! I tried explaining this to my attorney, I sounded crazy even to myself!   Thank you one and all!  

" His faithfulness to me will be my fortress and my ramparts, a thousand shall fall by my side, ten thousand will lay at my feet.  But none shall touch me! His love for me will be my shield and my buckler. " 

  Thank you all.

 De Oppressors Libre!

Message From Jeff - Received 9-21-22

Update #4 - Labor Day Event
September 18, 2022
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I, Lydia, have sent Jeff a copy of everyone that has been posting on his fundraiser to give him hope and encouragement. To let him know he is not alone, and he is cared for by Patriots Like You! Thank you. I was able to get a few pictures from his friend, Scott. I posted one today. Getting letters and information to Jeff is not easy at this point. He is not allowed to communicate with us other than an occasional message he can get out.

At the Correctional Treatment Facility (CTF) in DC over the Labor Day weekend, a wonderful J6 Political Prisoner, Ronald McAbee, was attacked by a guard, and she sprayed pepper spray directly into his face. Three other Political Prisoners were able to quickly come to the aid of Ronald, which ended up landing all four men into solitary confinement, three have been moved to other facilities. It was a major abuse of power, unwarranted violence, and control by the facility personnel.  Here is Jeffrey’s update of the event and other abuse issues. Please continue to pray for this brave patriot and all the J6 Political Prisoners.

“Msg 9-8   Yeah!  Thanks for all you do. I witnessed the whole event. Lt. xxxxx came in with her pimp, Cpt xxxxx started beating on doors like animals at the zoo. Zeroed in on McAbee and Ryan, they continued to push the issue until inmates snap and have no choice but to defend themselves, and its game on!  They call for ERT, who were right outside the door! It took three seconds for them to break through the electric door! No orders! Just grabbed any inmate and started spraying.  Lt. xxxxx sprayed Ron point blank in the face while he was handcuffed laid out on the ground!  The hits keep coming! Cpt xxxxx came in the next day and hung out waiting for someone to engage her about the previous day! Walking around arrogantly checking doors, opening and closing them with force! Slamming! Waiting for someone to say something! Standing in the windows of inmates filming them while in their cells. Intimidation!  Isolation! Alienate! Psychological punishment for being white, a Trump supporter, and being Christian!  I will stand before them all and cast blame against my punishers! What in the F@$! Is happening to our country? They took my video discovery and legal documents after a visit from my attorney a couple of months ago. Who am I going to tell? " What are you doing with this? (Yelling at me) we are confiscating this you won't get it back! The courts asked for it. It disappeared somehow. Shocking!


Once again!  Is facility managing to amaze me.  Three times I've been approached with reports of possible suicide.  I asked, " who told you this, where did your information come from, where is the evidence of this issue?". " The psychologist: Uh, no one told me, I don't know who it was that told me, I don't understand.  Are you feeling, OK?". WTF!!! 

Am I the only one skateboarding on the rings of Saturn? I asked, " Are you stupid? Do you expect me to believe that no one told you to approach me and ask me down to medical for an interrogation?"  Isolation! Interrogation! Intimidation! Psychological abuse!”


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From Me to the World
September 5, 2022
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"If you settle for nothing now! You'll settle for nothing later! Now is the time to take a stand, not just for your family, but for America! I tried and was arrested for my efforts. I now watch what you will do. Do not turn your back on me when I need you the most! When America needs you the most! " My name is Jeff Mckellop, father of Davis and Paige. I am a political prisoner. (Ret) US ARMY SPECIAL FORCES ODA 394-396 DE OPPRESSO LIBRE! Subscribe and Share @TheAmericanGulagChronicles 9-3-22

The Tooth Nightmare
September 2, 2022
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Dental:  I gave the chunks of molar to my attorney.

I showed the court paperwork requesting emergency dental work. 

The court sent five people in here to; Isolate, intimidate, and interrogate me in a small room while recording on body cams.  I saw through that crap instantly! I refused to sign or take documents they wouldn't let me read or look at!  ". Oh Mr. Mckellop, it's for your own good, you have to take it, just sign it you can read it later.". No? Really?  Uh, no!

Needless to say, they have poo poo lip because I didn't fall into their lie. I took a staple from a pack of paper, leveled it out and jammed it into the side of the gum line. The green slime and blood was like sewage water. The pressure gone. It felt so much better! I showed the on-duty officer what came out of my face, they ALLOWED me amoxicillin.

Message from Jeff on August 17, 2022

Update #1 - Major Tooth Infection
August 18, 2022
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We had our tablets removed; they downloaded our information than returned. Said it was getting an update.
Six weeks of trying to see dental. my lower left molar came apart. I gave the pieces to my attorney. Showed the guards. ". Oh well. You'll get better."
I have a golf ball size infection in my jaw. My Lymph node is huge! Trying to get emergency surgery. I miss hamburgers and a nice beer. Guards are trying to- " Bait and Trap," us with body cameras. Always talking about J6, "what would you do if you get out, we think Trump is the best, what do you think." On and On! Bro. Every night is something with this place! I miss my children so much! More later. Thank you for writing. Received on August 6, 2022


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