Hey everyone!! I want to start off by saying thank you so much for all the orders and support many have given Mollee. As most of you know,  getting a food truck to expand Mollee’s business has been her ultimate goal and dream. Thanks to a lot of you,  she was able to save up what it was going to cost to buy the truck and get it to NY at the original quote and even a little more. Unfortunately with diesel prices sky rocketing, the cost doubled. So she took out a loan and was set to go. It has now more than tripled with diesel prices where they are at and no time now to see if she can get another loan. She has already paid for the truck and has paid for it up to this point of its traveling thus far. So she’s  already in. The truck is now sitting in Alaska and waiting for the next move. Except she doesn’t have enough money for it to finish the journey.  She is going to keep working hard trying to save up, but she is running out of time. This is not easy for us as we see her dream fading away. But we are not going to give up!! 

One way I thought I could help her raise some money was to do a raffle, along with this donation option. Any amount will help!! But…Anyone who donates $25 will get their name into a drawing for a $50 gift card. If you donate $50 your name will be put in 3 times. If you donate $100 or more your name will be put in 5 times. The drawing will be August 15. Please share the post with your family and friends also and see if we make Mollee’s dreams come true!!