The first ANTI-WOKE film ever. Funded by people of good will and reason.

WOKE ideologues are coming for your children. They want to strip them of basic knowledge and common sense. With this film and your support, we will help more people to see sense in a smart rather than woke future and have a good laugh.

The future of this film lies in your hands. Support us and share this page as much as you can so that, together, we can succeed in fighting the toxic WOKE narrative. All money collected will go towards production of the feature film "The Last Amendment" which will both entertain and warn people of what might be coming if we don't fight back.

Your support is not just another number but a vote. Set to show that we are not alone and stand united in our respect of human reasoning. We are determined to finish this project and all we want is a little support from you. 

Please go to if you would like to find out more about our project, and buy our limited edition memorabilia.