Early morning July 22, 2022, Heather Hobbs woke up to nurse her 4 week old son Jefferson only to find him unresponsive. She called 911 and performed CPR for 30 minutes till they came. EMS tried everything but could not save him. The coroner's guess is that he aspirated in his sleep despite Heather following all proper protocols. Autopsy results will take 12 weeks. In Las Vegas for an anti-sex trafficking fundraiser, with pediatrician approval, Heather now must stay till Sunday. She was told that she must go through a local funeral home to arrange to have his body flown back to Texas, and that it will cost several thousand dollars. This fundraiser is to help cover those and other costs associated with the funeral, burial and headstone. Heather wants everyone to know more than anything that Jefferson's life mattered.

Many thanx to the Women's Medical Center in Las Vegas who I reached out to who brought Heather a breast pump and came and picked up her stroller and car seat. Please pray for Heather.

She's still getting more bills associated with transporting Jefferson, the funeral, burial, plot,, headstone, etc,. The original amount was just an estimate. I'll update with details as to expenses