7 years ago I started a gardening business called The Gentle Gardener to help me get back on my feet after losing everything after a long ugly divorce. The business started out as a need to pay the bills and heal at the same time. The name came to me through prayer and I’ve been blessed. Going into my 7th year was good, I had 8 staff and lots of work as the need is great! No short age of work. But in the past 2 weeks I have lost over half of my team from mental health issues, relational issues and physical issues. This leaves me having to cancel jobs and this means no income. It only took two weeks for the account to get depleted. So to offset the business I’m going to start a small garden nursery. I need a work shed and my first inventory. What ever door the Lord closes no man can shut and what ever door he shuts no man open. 

Thank you and God Speed