On July 12 Keri went in for a colonoscopy to get some answers on some issues she’d been having the past few months. Much to her surprise the scope was cut short when they found a mass. After lab work and a CT that day she was referred to oncologists to get further testing and more scans. The past week has been a bit of a blur but also much information has been given and plans are in motion. Keri was diagnosed with rectal cancer that has spread to her liver and lungs (we are still waiting on stage diagnoses). The team of oncologists, chemotherapy and radiation specialists and all of her peers at Swedish are going after this aggressively. Keri will begin treatment next week with chemo. She will have a port put in soon and will be administered 3 different drugs over 48 hours. This will continue every 14 days. She will get scanned again in 3 months to see the progress.

Due to the intensity of this treatment her doctors are asking her to take a leave of absence from her job. The stress and physical nature of Keri’s surgical tech position at Swedish does not lend itself well to the beginning months of treatment. Her prescription from her oncologist was literally to stay as calm and in tune with her body as possible. The medical bills have already started to arrive. Keri is a single, independent woman but with not being able to work the short term disability doesn’t cover everything, and especially doesn’t cover these new expenses.

Keri has resided in many different parts of this country and has created experiences with many of you. If you’ve been lucky enough to call her a friend, and more importantly for her to call you a friend, you will do whatever you can to help ease this sudden and shocking diagnosis. If Keri is part of your family I am hear you tell you she is in amazing hands with top notch care here in Seattle. Keri is focused on her recovery. She is handling this like the strong, badass female that she is. And she is going to kick Satan’s ass (pun intended, oh and we named the tumor Satan ;)
Please donate, share and check back often as we’ll be updating as we get information. Keri is processing right now. She asks for some privacy as she prepares for the battle of her life. If you can reach out to a family member or friend before you reach out to her that would be appreciated. She will read the comments on this fund as often as she emotionally can. Texts, calls and emails are difficult to read at certain times so please know if she doesn’t respond it’s because it’s just too hard at that moment not because she’s doesn’t appreciate, care or love. Keri will be back in nature sharing her beloved photos just as soon as she can. But in the meantime Keri wants to remind you all to live your life on your terms. Get outside. Laugh every day. Don’t take yourself too seriously. And get your colonoscopy.