Jimmie Lou is one of the most beautiful souls you will meet. Kind, funny, thoughtful, generous, loyal- I could go on.

Jimmie Lou (aka Jim, Jimmie) is a proud momma of 2 teenage boys who are her joy. Jimmie is a devoted wife to the love of her life, Jeremy(he is also a great guy!). Jimmie is a small business owner which she loves and a gifted Special Needs Education Assistant and has been an light to countless kiddos.

In May (a mere few weeks after the loss of her father☹️) Jimmie called to tell me she had gone to see a Doctor (she had some health concerns that were persisting.) They found cancer and she was diagnosed with Hairy Cell Leukaemia. 

She has been pretty sick after undergoing her fist round of treatment ☹️She was recently admitted to the hospital and has had multiple blood transfusions the past 4 days. 

There is no definitive time as to when she will be able to go home. 10 days-3 months is what she was told. 

Realistically Jim has a ways to go to recovery.

We are hoping this fundraiser will help lessen the financial strain the family will face as she focuses on winning this fight.

Many people are struggling financially these days so praying for her and her family in the days/months ahead as she fights this cancer I know would be equally appreciated.