We are all on a journey.  Some journeys are short others are completely life changing changes.  I have recently competed in and qualified in an international fitness event called the CrossFit Games.  Never thought I would be on the field with world class CrossFitters until this year.  2021 my family motivated me to train and try.  It has been incredible and in 2 weeks we leave for Madison Wisconsin.  The bigger story is the leading up to it.

April we prayed and seeked God about ministry.  He has lead us to leave our new, sell and liquidate our business of 12 years, say goodbye to our church, family, & friends and relocate 1400miles to Colorado Springs, Colorado to attend Charis Bible College amd start a new chapter in our lives.  My wife, my 2 kids, & 2 cats left everything and everyone we know in 2 months.  

Crossfit is putting together a campaign to help its everyday athletes to get to the games.  This is why I am writing this.  We are operating and living by faith.  We are reaching out if anyone feels the move to support us financially on our trip August 1-8th GREAT if not then your prayers is what we rather have.  Pray for every athletes protection from sickness, disease, hurt, harm, and danger.  Safe traveling mercies for them, their families, friends, & fans.  Pray that Gods love is put on display and for people to be bold to give Him glory.  Pray for lives to be radically changed and saved.  Amen!! 

I am competing in the Mens Lower Extremity Adaptive Division.  It will be broadcasted live on YouTube and Facebook and tv.  

Thank you and God Bless!!