The Canadian Public Lobbying Organization (CPLO) Founder created this organization to provide perhaps the most pivotal ingredient for solving Canadian Public and Canadian Government injustice. The founder exemplified the notion of being the change you wish to see in Canadian politics, and possibly beyond. Empowering the voices of Canadians as a single entity within the governing system that Canadians pay for through taxes. Providing not just hope and inspiration, but an opportunity for transformation.

With an influential, well-organized, and funded lobbying organization at your side, our advocating efforts will influence government decisions and policies focusing on what benefits Canadians across the nation. Discovering an innovative approach for ensuring that the opinions and ideas of Canadians are heard while discouraging Government overreach to silence question and/or opposition.

In 2020 our founder awoke to a crisis as he witnessed the great divide that governments could create through its media outlets, fear mongering tactics, and psychological misdirection laid upon society.

Since then, the government has continued to push its limits through policy development, increased taxation, and spending of those tax dollars without public consultation and approval while holding zero accountability for their actions. The call for Canadians to use resources made available to lobby Government and their constituents is at an all time high as the governments spending is spiraling out of control as we hopelessly watch and become victims of the resulting inflation.

Like many people, it has been initially thought that the Government has been put in place to protect the interest of Canadians and work for their benefit. Unfortunately, time and time again, the wool has been pulled over everyone’s eyes as there becomes less results on actions taken that benefit Canadians both directly and indirectly.

Through the donations raised you will become a vital part of the change that is needed as we look to modernize how we look at politics and how they can again work for the greater good of the society they serve. While we understand that our project fundraising goal may not be within the reach of reality, it will continue to serve as an image, a goal, and a reminder that together we can achieve more than we ever imagined. Further to our fundraising efforts we look to preserve the funds raised as working capital for generations to come. All other residual cash flow earned can be used to aid in our efforts to strengthen the voice of Canadians.

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