Please help free Christa from Prison! Christa was wrongfully charged with a crime she did not commit! This mother of six children is in prison solely because she didn’t have the money to hire an attorney! Phelps County Missouri picked up/reinstated charges against Christa years after they were originally dropped and because Christa could not hire a attorney she was railroaded into a 20 year prison sentence! We believe with our whole heart this crooked legal system wronged an innocent person! We found a law firm who could help free Christa but they need $15,000 upfront. All monies from this account will be paid directly to the law firm We wish to hire. Please help this mother return home to her children! Christa’s disabled mother is raising two of her children and, the rest have been sent to Foster care! Please help us free Christa from prison.All details of the case and court transcripts can be delivered upon request.