I have worked In the construction industry for 40 years and I have climbed ladders thousands of times. When I conceived the idea for this product I knew it would take a while to perfect it.  I have been using this product on my job for quite a while and have perfected it to be the most useful and safest item ever used with a ladder. It turns an extension ladder into the safest and most useful ladder you will ever use.  The ladder becomes a multi-use ladder eliminating the need for other ladders.  
 The best way to preview this is tic tok @LadderLock55.  Pleas donate to my campaign if you would like and help with the introduction of this new product that is greatly needed by the working men a women who use extension ladders and their lives depend on these ladders.  Let’s reduce the number of injuries and fatalities from using ladders and keep everyone safe. 

Thank you 

Andrew Parsons