"Creating" joy for fans and geeks everywhere.

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Bringing smiles to the faces, and joy to the hearts of fans is why we do what we do and create the things that we create. It is our aim to provide props and accessories to local area fans and costumers who may not otherwise have access to or be able to afford them otherwise. While many things MAY be available on a mass produced, retail basis, this also unfortunatly means that these items lack the quality and attention do detail we feel that those receiving what we create deserve. 

But, with things being as they currently are, making that happen is becoming more and more difficult to accomplish... without your help. While we are glad to give whatever time it takes to create things that are/may be donated, we cannot afford everything it costs to do so, so we need your help.

One current project is for a young man who, to describe him as an avid Ghostbusters fan, would be an understatement. He also happens to require the use of a wheel chair, which makes it difficult to fit props from this franchise, leaving little option but to use a mass produced, lower quality "toy". Inspired, we set out to create a unique "Proton Pack" specifically designed to fit on and work with his chair.

After several weeks of designing, prototyping and consulting, the creative process began in ernest. Fast forward through two and a half month of intensive work and painstaking detailing, this project is nearing completion and almost ready to be bestowed upon its new owner. To complete this project and give it the "shine" needed to make it just right

With your donations, projects like this, as well as others, will be able to move forward and bring honest joy to those who deserve it. All funds raised by this campaign will be put toward the expenses involved with creating and finishing the top quality props and accessories already commissioned, and anything above the current project amount will help fund future projects.


Attempted cancellations of this effort...
August 3, 2022
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We are not certain as to WHY, but this campaign has been flagged twice as being fraud in an attempt to cancel us and our effort.

While it is understood that certain elements of modern society seem to relish the suffering of others, it is NOT understood why someone would wish ill will toward those helping people find a small amount of joy in life. The creators of this campaign has been striving very hard to ensure as many as we can reach are aware what we do and finding others we can help, most often absorbing the costs for these efforts.

This is NOT an effort to gain wealth or cheat people, we are merely attempting to recoup SOME of the monetary costs involved with what we do. 


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