I pray daily for inspiration, energy and ideas to raise myself out of my current circumstances. Today I was inspired to set up a small funding account through GiveSendGo. I'd heard about GSG last year during the time when the "other" major funding platform was...rejecting...funds being sent to a particular event. I know I am just one of millions who are struggling under my circumstances or worse. But I thought I would put myself out there and see if I could gain any assistance.

My story is probably typical for many people these days. I lost my job during the Covid pandemic due to extreme downturn of clients and customers. I had been working as a catering assistant for corporate meetings and lunchtime events. People began working from home and obliterated our orders. I have not been able to find employment since that time. I have made many applications for even very simple jobs for which I qualified, but so far no luck.

In addition, my vehicle has been out of service since last October, although I have been working on it constantly. I have always worked on my own cars for decades but this time I cannot get the car to run properly. I have replaced, by hand, almost every part. The only thing that remains is the throttle body which is $450. Having no vehicle is severely impacting my ability to find employment beyond the bus transportation routes.

I am older, single and have no family support. I am not on any government assistance. I have been living off of my small nest egg which is now almost gone and I am pretty scared. Even a single $1 from 5,000 people would be enough for me to invest in myself and start an education process to produce an online income for life.

I am seeking help to fund an online business course to raise myself out of poverty, along the lines of the "teach a man to fish" theory. I have looked into online businesses before, and I would like to enroll in a course for online publishing.

I would also hope for possibly enough funding to buy a new-used car so that I may find employment!

I have never reached out to strangers like this. It's just that my situation is becoming pretty desperate and I am seeking ways to work my own way out of this dire situation. I know other people are having severe life-threatening situations, far more severe than my own. But I focus upon the theory that if 5,000 people would donate $1 each, I could begin to rebuild my life.

I have elected to donate 1% of any funding back to GSG. This is all I can manage right now, but I feel good to be giving back to the platform. Thank you for reading this far. God Bless You!