On June 27th, Jim and Kimberly's baby boy, Lukas Georgios Memos, was born via emergency and traumatic c-section without a heartbeat. He was revived 12 minutes later and transferred to NICU in critical condition. His brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, bladder, and other major organs had all suffered damage.

After the first night on oxygen, it started failing and Lukas needed to be transferred to PICU and put on ECMO until his heart and lungs got stronger. We know Lukas has suffered severe brain damage, but to this day, we are unsure of the extent. He has and will continue to have many tests and procedures. He has already shown himself to be a fighter and a miracle.

The Memos family already feel so blessed and comforted by the outpouring of love and prayers they have been receiving but they will be facing some significant financial challenges in the days and weeks ahead for Lukas’ medical care. If you have the means, any donation is appreciated. If not, you can support by sharing this link

Thank you in advance for helping baby Lukas, my sister, and her family. Anyone who knows Kimberly and Jim, know how kind, gentle, and loving they are and this has absolutely shattered their hearts. Please continue to root on this chunka munka and keep all thoughts and prayers strong!