Please support my run for Governor in 2022!
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I will undo all this current administration has done to harm Colorado
My platform is simple: Putting Colorado First to Make Colorado Strong Again!

We the people are fed up with
  • $5 A GALLON FOR GAS - let's get back to ENERGY INDEPENDENCE
  • The deliberate shutting down of our economy
  • Telling us we can’t go to church or visit grandma in the hospital when she is dying
  • Attacks against our Constitutional Freedoms
  • Planned Food Shortages and doubling food prices
  • Deliberately Shutting our small businesses down
  • Critical Race Theory being promoted in our schools and government processes
  • Parent’s being told they have no choice in their children’s education or curriculum - School Reform is needed now!
  • Government, Schools and Universities blocking conservative speech, thought, debate and re-writing our history
  • Boys competing in girls sports
  • Child Sex trafficking and pedophilia
  • The killing of our babies after they are born
  • Making Colorado the Abortion Capital of the USA to generate tax revenues
  • Open Borders
  • Fentynol flooding our state
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Election fraud by computerized rigging of our vote to steal our free and fair elections
  • Liberal media censorship
  • Taxing over 49% of our paychecks
  • Mask mandates, vaccine mandates, W.H.O mandates, and the deliberate misinformation surrounding the covid scamdemic, the CDC and we are fed up with Anthony Fauci
  • We are fed up with the corruption in our FBI, CIA, FISA courts - and our civil, federal and Supreme Courts to deprive us of justice
  • Gaslighting, shaming and bullying by corrupt politicians and their disinformation media spins
    • We are not surrendering our Second Amendment rights!
    • We want strong Police Departments, Military protections and constitutionally sound judicial systems that protect our right to due process! 
We the People are Putting this government on notice: 

As of Nov 8th we are coming to take our State back!