Hedyeh Isa Masih is a Christian Ministry devoted to sharing the gospel online with the Iranian people. Every week a dedicated husband and wife team devote several hours to translate English based gospel videos to share on Instagram with Iranian speaking viewers. Over the past 3 months, Hedyeh Isa Masih Instagram has been able to reach over 13,000 people with over 65% being from Iran. The husband and wife leading this ministry also spend countless hours responding to followers on Instagram, praying for them over the phone, and answering their questions about The Bible. This ministry has had no financial support since the beginning. It's our hope to continue this fruitful ministry and reach more Iranians with the gospel. That's why were asking for donations to help support the husband and wife (which choose to remain anonymous for security reasons) while they work on translating videos and ministering to followers.

Please consider donating today. Any donation is appreciated.

Check out the ministry at: instagram.com/hedyeh_isa_masih