My name is Greg Woodard. My wife and I have been married for almost 22 years, and we have five children. My family moved to Idaho over three and a half years ago for the opportunities that this great state has to offer. A key part of the decision my wife and I made to uproot our family from a place we lived our whole lives and move to a state where we did not know anyone was the education system. We came from a place where the state feels that it can raise our kids better than we can as parents, including “teaching” them what is right and wrong. As parents, we felt that we were being ignored and our input was not being heard. We did not even have the right to know what was being taught to our kids in school. We value the educational opportunities that Idaho has to offer, and I want to make sure that those opportunities continue for my kids and all kids in the district.

All five of my kids have been enrolled in the Boise School District at some point. I have two biological boys, a boy and a girl we adopted almost ten years ago, and a girl we fostered for years and has been with us from time to time. Because of the unique nature of our family, several of my kids have special needs. My son needs the structure and routine that comes from his school schedule.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the initial reactions and handling of Covid 19, my family experienced a massive disruption in the way my children received their education. This experience spurred my interest in running for the Board. 

I also believe that each school has some unique needs that are better addressed by the local administration and teachers, and I want to make sure they feel like they have a partner in me as a Board member in helping them address their needs.

My primary goal is to assist parents and staff in making sure all options are on the table to mitigate future harmful disruptions and ensure that the parents, staff, and students are best equipped so the students can succeed in whatever educational decisions they make after graduation.