Our new start up social platform intends to provide an interactive venue for everyone that no longer wants to be censored solely because of their views. Freedom of speech is the first law of the land and one of God’s edicts by bestowing free will on his children.

God has given us individual minds and the tools of communication so that we may collaborate as a people of gentle persuasion without fear of retaliation or ridicule.

Our platform is just that, the place where persons of all ages and interests can get connected, say what's on their mind, expand their network and get to know new people. Some users will be of like mind and some will not, but privacy is up to the user at Vibes Social. But make no mistake, profanity is blocked, no illegal references are allowed, and users are bound by our policy to be respectful when posting and in discussions. Our aim is not to separate people but to bring people together.

We have read other campaigns on GiveSendGo and ours may seem trivial in comparison to some of the heartache that is being lived, but we feel as if it is also of importance to preserve the human right of individualism and our constitutional right of freedom of speech. We need your help in the necessary furthering of this mission before we all look up and it’s gone. None of us want to say, “remember when” in a hushed tone as we look over our shoulder. Big brother is here and is now the bullying brother. We implore anyone that wants to aid in ensuring the existence of the continuation of a freedom outlet to join the platform, ask friends and loved ones to join, and if able to give please do so, as all contributions in prayer, monetary or contributing as a user of the site is enthusiastically appreciated.

We don’t make any money in our endeavor, and we understand that taking on the big conglomerates like Twitter and Facebook is a herculean task, but we want and need to be able to provide an alternative source where all different perspectives are welcomed.

Ways we can use monetary donations;

Server and hosting fees

Software fees

Time invested in mission

Business cards


Theme service fees

General office supplies

Consulting fees

Long term sustainability

Tech support

All who donate can have a sense of ownership in knowing that you have helped to maintain a valuable asset.
God Bless