To Bless the Currat Family In their Loss of Simon

Campaign Created by: Ashley Roseman

The funds from this campaign will be received by Nicolas Currat.

Goal : USD $150,000
Raised : USD $ 78,186

Many of you know the Currat family and the journey their family has gone through this past week: losing their 6 year old son Simon tragically as the result of a snake bite, which sent him into cardiac arrest and left him in a coma, from which he would never recover. It is with this in mind, knowing there will be a great financial burden that we are reaching out to their community and beyond, to bless them and help ease the burden of this tragic event. We are collecting money to help cover the medical costs of the multiple hospital stays, hospital transfers, of having his older sister Anna hospitalized at the same time, and of course, now, burial and funeral costs. 

A Little Background

The Currat family resides in Colorado Springs, CO, parents, Nic and Lindsey and their 4 kids - Anna (8), Simon (6), Renee (3), and Victor (9 months). They are not strangers to what we call tragic medical events. Anna was born prematurely via emergency C-Section, due to being in distress in utero. She suffered a brain injury, and this one-time injury left her blind, wheelchair bound, non-verbal, tube fed, incontinent from birth, totally unexpectedly. During this season, the Lord saw fit to have Nic and his wife begin a prayer chain to gather together those around them to pray fervently for the life and health of their daughter. She is a living testament to God's faithfulness and goodness in their lives. Throughout the years they have continued this prayer chain on her behalf.

Simon and his birth were answers to prayer. It redeemed the tragic circumstances of their first child. He was named Simon for "Simon of Cyrene" who had carried Jesus' cross, as his parents' knew he would carry a burden in being Anna's younger brother...he would bear that well.

The Event(s) -

Tuesday July 5th Simon and his dad Nic, went out for a bike ride along with little sister Renee in the bike carrier. During a water break stop, Simon ran ahead to look at a mile marker sign on the trail they were on. Shockingly, he yelled back to his dad "Rattlesnake!" with fear in his eyes, he collapsed, turning purple. There was no one on the trail; Nic's phone was left behind. So with son in his arms, and little sister running beside him they ran to the nearest neighborhood to get help. The paramedics arrived, Simon was whisked away to the hospital, on that trip he had to be resuscitated. He had been in cardiac arrest for over 20 minutes. Simon was in a coma. At the hospital, he was treated with anti-venom,and blood products. He was transferred to the local Children's Hospital in Colorado Springs. His vitals continued to plummet and on July 6th, his mom posted on Facebook that his situation is dire. Simon was transferred to the main Children's Hospital in Colorado, at Aurora via air; mom and dad followed in the car behind, along with his little brother, Victor. The two girls, Anna and Renee, were left at home in the care of Lindsey's sister who had flown in.

Later that same day, Anna suffered a sustained seizure back at home. She was taken to the Children's Hospital in Colorado Springs. She had multiple seizures. Dad drove back down to be with her in the hospital, while mom remained with Simon.The next day,the hospital decided to transfer Anna to the same hospital her brother was at; she needed to be put on oxygen. The rest of the family followed. Anna would be cleared to discharge before brother Simon passed, but due to the complexity of her care, and at the request of the family she remained hospitalized under the care of the hospital, through the journey of the last 2 days of Simon's life. This was a great blessing to the family.

In the midst of all that was going on with Anna, after all of the medical testing and scanning of Simon had been completed, the doctors told Lindsey and Nic that the swelling in his brain was severe and life threatening, that they didn't think he had much longer to live. The next 2 days involved little to no improvement and multiple "brain death tests". After completing all of these tests, on July 9th, it was determined there was no life left in the brain, so the decision had to be made to remove life support. Bit by bit all of the machines keeping Simon alive were peeled back, so that on July 10th all that remained was a breathing tube. This tube would be removed shortly after family (including all 3 siblings) and friends had time to come and say their goodbyes. Simon passed peacefully in his parents' arms later that evening.

A View From Beside

Walking beside Nic and Lindsey through this entire situation has been a very humbling experience. They again used their prayer chain email to ask for multiple prayers for Simon. This prayer chain was shared with the same friends and family that have always prayed for Anna over the years. And through this situation, an entire new set of believers joined in, as those already praying invited entire churches, prayer chains, and new acquaintances into prayer. I cannot even begin to fathom the number of saints praying for the life of this precious boy.

The Currats’ faith was steadfast and resolute. They were bold in their requests, and when there was a glimmer of hope was the 2nd “death test” was inconclusive due to an arm twitch, they invited us to become worship warriors on behalf of Simon. And so we shared songs of praise, hymns, and psalms. They turned an ICU room into a sanctuary for the Lord and through weeping and their tears they fed Simon scripture and surrounded him with the joy and Hope of the Lord through song. And this is a hope that does not disappoint.

Some of you may wonder how that is, that there is a hope that does not disappoint, but it is the hope in Jesus Christ crucified that every Christian carries, that through his death burial and resurrection, he has paid for our sins, and we too will share in the resurrection. “because if you confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” (Romans 10:9)

Surely these are some of the darkest days of their lives. We continue to hold them up in prayer as they leave the hospital with one less child, to return to life back home in Colorado Springs. And as we are able, we give to them of our resources that this part of their journey may be a burden lightened.


Thoughts from Dad: Nicolas Currat
July 20, 2022
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I had mentioned in the initial post that Nic had called upon many for prayer in the life of their daughter, Anna, and that this same prayer chain was utilized again for Simon. Today I share the link to Nic’s blog. He chronicles his journey here. He shares with us their hearts. And gives us more to pray for as we remember Simon and this family. 


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