My name is Carol Barnes. In March 2019, my brother David's two boys were abducted from The Woodlands, Texas and taken to Russia by his ex-wife. Since there is no extradition treaty with Russia, there is no policy in place to enable these boys to be recovered. The mother's goal is to sever the children’s relationship with their father.


In December 2021, after searching for his boys since the abduction, he found their location and flew to Moscow, Russia. His goal was to see his children and let them know how much he loved and missed them. But before he could see them, the mother filed false charges against him with the Russian government and he was arrested and has been held in a Russian detention center since January 13, 2022. It was over two months before his attorney was allowed to meet with him.


His attorney and a rescue organization he has been working with have been trying to get information on why he is being held, but the Russian government is not forthcoming with the charges. 


Any help for ongoing legal services would be greatly appreciated. We need to get David out of detention and back to the United States.

Thank you! Carol Barnes